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Krytac Kriss Vector AEG Gameplay/Review

The Swamp Sniper tries his hand on the upcoming Krytac KRISS Vector AEG in this gameplay/review video... "The all new Krytac Kriss Vector AEG Gameplay and Review video from the Swamp Sniper at Ballahack Airsoft Field. I had the awesome opportunity to test out two new Gun II 45 ACP suppressed sub machine gun Kriss Vectors the other day. They also sent me the prototype airsoft Krytac Vector AEG to mess with.

RWTV: Top 5 Guns From COD WWII

With the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII FPS video game, interest in World War II weapons is back and what more for RedWolf Airsoft TV but to make a list of World War II guns used in the game that have airsoft versions. Find out the top 5 guns from the video game that Marck West has listed for this video.

LAS KSG Dress-Up Basic 3-Piece Set

Dress up your Tokyo Marui KSG Gas Shotgun with this LAS KSG Dress-Up Basic 3-Piece Set available right now at Laylax. You can choose to make your KSG shotgun look aggressive or more spartan-like with these kits. You can choose between the Strike Hider Set or the Muzzle Brake TYPE-D Set:

Strike Hider Set

Best & Affordable Airsoft Camera Setup

We're getting a lot of good reviews for the Mobius Action Camera as good for airsoft, especially for setting up on your rifle because of its low profile, good quality footage, and affordability. Apache Airsoft tells you why in this video... "Hello guys welcome back to a new video, and today i'm talking about my aimcam and headcam setup.

Gun Gamers: Tasmanian Tiger MkII Chest Rig

So what do the Gun Gamers think about the Tasmanian Tiger MkII Chest Rig? This is one of the best chest rigs we actually use and it's really a well made chest rig. Will E House think otherwise? Watch the video... "This week, E House gives his thoughts on the Tasmanian Tiger MkII chest rig for airsoft gaming. Enjoy!"

5.11 Tactical Cable Hiker Boots Review

Going to a tough airsoft game where you need some mountain boots, check this review by Gear Whores Anonymous on the 5.11 Tactical Cable Hiker Boots. This has a multi-terraon thread pattern, nylon shank for ankle stabiloty, self-cleaning forefoot lugs, Ortholite insole for comfort, and Agion anti-microbial treatment to prevent stinky feet.

Raptor PKP "Pecheneg" AEG On Pre-Order

Raptor put on display their upcoming Raptor PKP "Pecheneg" AEG during the TWAAA International Camo Festival 2017 and are already taking pre-orders for this early this month. It has 9mm bearing gearbox and in tests, they say that its outdoor range is over 70 metres. Not much details on other features including pricing but we'll find out soon when more information is released by the Taiwan-based airsoft manufacturer.

WGC: Ready Fighter CNC AK GBB Receiver

WGC Shop got in stock the Fighter INFO Ready Fighter CNC Receiver for GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifles... "New HK based maker on board, Fighter INFO, presents top end CNC machined 6061 aluminum GHK AK GBB receiver with Stainless steel trigger, hammer pin and QD swivel socket!  Build your top GHK AK GBB with Fighter INFO.

Only Girls Allowed Airsoft Gameplay

We need more of these games just to get more women playing airsoft. Nicole AR-Airsoft Girl posts this video on YouTube showing an all girls airsoft game that took place at RC Airsoft in Chile... "Hi! A new video on my channel and this time with the participation of 12 women, 2 teams with 6 members.

Let me to know what do you think: would like more women to join this hobby? What appreciation do you have about it?

CYMA Ver3 Gearbox & Trigger Jam Fix

Airsoft Reviews HD takes apart a CYMA Gearbox as well as tackle the problem of trigger jam in AEGs... "In this episode we disassembly a Cyma CM 046A airsoft gun and we give to you information about the trigger jam problem in many AEG's and how you can deal with it! Also we give you many detailed information of how you can disassembly a v3 gearbox and how you can clean and adjust every moving part."