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Gunfire & SCDTV: E&L M4A1 AEG Review

The full review of the E&L Airsoft M4A1 AEG done by SCDTV and Gunfire is now up. This is the first of the AR offerings from E&L Airsoft, already known for the quality of their AK AEG series. This AEG is made entirely from metal, using a steel external barrel and looks very solild. But will it be impressive as the E&L Airsoft AKs? Find out out below:

Airsoft Mike: PPS M9A1 Airsoft Bazooka

Airsoft Mike grabs a long one for this video review, the PPS M9A1 Airsoft Bazooka which uses the 40mm grenade shells for pushing out BBs for use in a game... "It's official! The biggest, longest Airsoft weapon has arrived at Airsoft Mike HQ! Here I unbox the epic looking PPS M9A1 AIRSOFT BAZOOKA!

Angry Gun Light Mount For 1911 Pistols

At eHobby Asia right now is the Angry Gun CNC Integral Rail Light Mount & Steel Slide Stop for 1911 Custom GBBs. Made of CNC metal construction, this is a 20mm Standard Picatinny under rail mount for flashlight attachment which allows for direct mounting onto the original slide giving an all new look for your pistol.

Raven Concealment Holsters At got holsters from Raven Concealment Systems. Reasonably priced, you can choose from the following: Eidolon, Morrigan, Phantom, and the Vanguard either in thier full or basic kit packages. Matt tells you more about these holsters in the video below:

5.11 Ghost Recon Wildlands: Synch Shot

Second in the video from 5.11 Tactical where they get have real world operators talk about the tactics used in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands... "5.11 discusses tactics used in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands with Special Operations Personnel. In this video we talk about the 'sync shot' that is used in sniper units."

BB2K Airsoft At IWA 2017: RedWolf Airsoft

Bruce of BB2K Airsoft drops by the RedWolf Airsoft booth at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 to learn more about the stuff they have on display with Marck of RWTV... "It's been 3 years now I met Marck the last time and now he rocks the Redwolf YT channel. Incredible! But on the subject. In this video I will be showing you the new RWA Lee-Enfield, the BAD556 kit and for dessert, there is a brief overview of the genius Airsoft Surgeon masterpieces. Have fun!"

4,000 BBs Blasted Out Of An Air Cannon

Beyond the press got this video showing how 4,000 airsoft BBs got blasted out of an air cannon all at once. Something no sane airsoft player would want to be in front of during airsoft games... "Our ultimate weapon of mass destruction for airsoft games. Thanks for Atom Airsoft for delivering all the ammunition that we used."

IWA Outdoor Classics 2017: Valken Tactical

Josh of Valken Tactical shows the latest in their Battle Machine Family during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 as they release more premium AEGs called the Alloy Series which means that their new AEGs will be using metal. Also, he goes over their Valken uniform called the Tango series and the uniform on display uses the Tiger Stripes camo.

TFB: WWII Squad Tactics Live Fire

A cool project by The Firearm Blog as they attempt to reenact squad tactics of a U.S. Paratrooper squad with live firing... "On January 28th, TFB TV undertook a daunting task. We wanted to try and recreate an organizationally correct U.S. Army Paratrooper squad, with the same small arms and live ammunition that squad would have used in 1944. Recreating World War II small arms has been done through reenactments and in the film industry, but these only involve blanks.

RWTV's IWA Outdoor Classics 2107 Recap

A memorable IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 for the airsoft community indeed. During the event, the RedWolf Airsoft booth was a hub of activity with visitors and clients visiting them to make deals or find out what they had to offer. Marck does a recap of the event and it is interesting to listen to what he has to say about what happened.