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Here's a controversial topic to wrap your brain around. Social evolution, the media, and your doctor all say it's bad to be fat. Today in society, you have a fight being lead to change the negative image of what it means to be fat in society. I'm not here to tell you to embrace the curves and see...


Brian Holt of Echo1 USA visits the booth of one of their partners, Rifle Dynamics, during the SHOT Show 2015. He asks Billy to give us a quick run through with their new rifle project, the RD 710 SBR. Here's a short description of the 710 SBR from Rifle Dynamics...

Now in stock at AirSplat.com are two of the always out of stock AEGs from Real Sword, the Real Sword Type 97 and Type 97B AEGs. These are bullpup AEGs that are very distinct and are based on the Chinese QBZ-97 which is a variant of the QBZ-95. These are nicely made AEGs and are good performers in...

Another overview from Mach 1 Airsoft, covering the ASG STI Duty One CO2-powered Airsoft Pistol... "The DUTY ONE is fully licensed by the famous high-end small arms manufacturer, STI International, based in Texas, USA. The pistol is semi-automatic and based on the classic model 1911 but STI has...

Now available for online viewing and as a free download is the Haley Strategic Partners Catalog for 2015. This showcases the Disruptive Environments (D3) products developed such as the various bags and pouches, slings, carriers, INCOG concealment systems and and their light mount and systems.

For users of the GHK or LCT Airsoft AKS74U or AKMSU Series can look forward to having this mount based designed by Hephaestus. The Mount Base for GHK/LCT AKS-74U/AKMSU Series will allow them to mount compact RMR-type dot sights or perhaps other quick reflex compact sights (check with them first)...

Top Shot Chris Cheng writes about the exclusive sneak peek they had on Oakely's Shooting Glass for 2015 called the "Tombstone" on The Firearm Blog... "The Tombstones have a large field of view and a rimless lens that maximizes your view in all directions. For contrast/clarity, Oakley utilizes their...

Back in the day, I did a review on the LCT Airsoft AMD-65 and since then it has become one of my favorite airsoft replicas. Its build quality, finishing on the steel and dimensions matching the real life version but my replica never received the much deserved attention on the inside: a gearbox that...

Nighthawk Custom was founded in 2003 and quickly earned the respect of most people in the 1911 community because they raised a 100 year old design to a whole new level --- the Nighthawk Custom Global Response Pistol Recon Version.

Single point slings have become very popular as they allow easy transitions and are extremely easy to use and setup, even if you want to run them on your rig. Unlike two point slings that get cumbersome in certain situations, these will offer more options and provide the operator with more freedom...

I’ve been to several Airsoft skirmish sites which don’t allow you to play while wearing trainers or sneakers. And it’s understandable since many sites are in such derelict states that they might pose a high risk of injury to anyone not wearing proper footwear.

G&G’s 4x Optical Sight is a reproduction of the Elcan Specter Dual Role (SpecterDR) 1-4x Combat Sight, visually identical despite some minor cosmetic differences and a fixed 4x magnification illuminated optic as opposed to the adjustable magnification on the original.

The MFG Venom is a very ingenious device made to simulate the effects of a muzzle flash generated when a rifle or any firearm is fired. Created by a team of dedicated airsoft enthusiasts, the MFG Venom is made from high quality and robust materials and is engineered to last and survive the rigours...