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The A&K KRISS Vector AEG Is Set For A January 2017 Release

It looks like that airsoft players will be able to get their KRISS Vector AEG in January next year if everything goes according to plan. But this is not Krytac, the airsoft brand of KRISS Arms that I am writing about.

Nanotech Breakthrough Could Lead To Lighter Night Vision Devices

Whilst night vision devices are deemed essential tools for the 21st Century warfighter, they still are cumbersome tools to use. Even the most advanced NVGs, such as the L-3 Ground Panoramic Night Vision System, the ones used in the Bin Laden raid and made famous by the Zero Dark Thirty movie, they are heavy to use and require an external power source to use them.

We’re On The 3rd Week Of Nominations! Better Submit Your Nominees Soon!

The 2nd Week sends even more nominees submitted to the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards website and we are expecting even more as we hit the halfway mark of the Nominations Period. Now on its third week, we expect more nominees to be submitted as our readers are getting up to speed.

The Dutch Open 2016 Int'l. Airsoft Practical Videos Are Now Online

As promised in our after action report of the Dutch Open 2016 International Practical Shooting event, we are posting all the videos taken of the shooters during this big and memorable event in the world of airsoft practical shooting. For those who are not familiar with such growing discipline in airsoft, this is where they see airsoft practical shooters competing at their very best.

The U.S. Army Patents Its Blast Pelvic Protector Design

U.S. Army soldiers can look forward to a new garment protection that will help lessen damage to their groin area in case of an explosion nearby. What’s more, the U.S. Army has patented the design which probably will be licensed to those interested in mass producing the design for the military or as commercial-off-the-shelf-solution (COTS).

Latest Site Maintenance Advisory: We’re Cleaning Up The Site

It’s that time again when we need to do some fixing and cleaning up of the Popular Airsoft website to ensure that we are able to deliver the relevant news and information to our readers worldwide. It’s hard to maintain a website that has almost 10 year’s worth of content and sometimes things just break, just like what happened last weekend.

PogoCam Is A Tiny Camera That Can Work With Almost Any Type Of Eyewear

The quest for the ultimate wearable camera that anyone would love to wear anytime, anywhere continues. We have seen the demise of Google Glass followed by similar projects and then we see life blogging tools which are still having a hard time in taking off. Action cameras such as the GoPro are the most successful of the lot, but they are mainly used for sports and outdoor activities and not exactly everyday cameras that you wear going to the office or on the high street without people thinking that the wearer is some sort of a pervert.

Positive Updates For Airsoft On The UK Policing And Crime Bill

Editor’s Note: UKAPU and UKARA have been working hard to ensure that airsoft players get the exemption from the Policing and Crime Bill that is they need to continue playing the sport/hobby without worrying of running afoul of the law. So far the update sent in by UKAPU Chairman Matt Furey-King has been encouraging so far and the amendments will include 8mm BBs.

It’s The 2nd Week Of Nominations! Submit Your Nominees Now!

We were actually surprised that the first week of the Nomination Period of the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards saw a massive number of Popular Airsoft readers submitting their nominees. Almost 10,000 readers have already submitted their favourites hoping that they make it to the top 5 nominees for the categories of the biggest online event in airsoft.

The DroneGun Safely Knocks Out Drones Out Of The Sky With Radio Waves

While there is a rush of new drones to the market, there is also a rush from governments to find ways to enable the use of drones without endangering the public such as the crowds on the ground, passenger planes in the sky, and trespassing on restricted areas as well as private residences. Another rush is how to ensure that the drones don’t pose a danger such as apps to show restricted airspace for drones and if they do violate rules, tools that can take them down from birds of prey, to nets, to shotguns, and to ray-guns.