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Just A Week To Go Before The Nominations Open. Get Ready!

Brrrrrr!!! What a cold weekend that was and it’s going to be colder still. As the airsoft season comes to close in the Northern Hemisphere as we’ll see lesser big outdoor airsoft events and mostly indoor events. More airsoft players will be spending their time pulling triggers with their game consoles playing Call of Duty, Battlefield, or whatever big name first person shooter that has been released for the Winter season. This means that more airsoft players have more online time than actual trigger time.

DJI Announces The Inspire 2 And Phantom 4 Pro Camera Drones

The march of what probably is the one of the most innovative Chinese companies, DJI, for world domination in the hobby and commercial drones continues. After the release of the handy Mavic Pro Camera Drone, they follow up with new versions of their mainstays, the Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro drones. If one very capable drone is not enough, they offer two more drones aimed at professionals just to ensure that the competition is kept at bay.

The U.S. Army Got A New Phaser That Can Take Down Drone Swarms

Since 2013, the U.S. Army have been testing a technology that they have been quiet about and have only recently declassified information for public consumption. The U.S. Army has revealed that they have a “Phaser” system that can be used to knock down a swarm of flying drones at the push of a button.

Help Gorilla Airsoft Get Back On Its Feet On GoFundMe

Local airsoft stores play a frontline role in promoting airsoft in the communities where they are located. They are the most visible in the communities and are the first point of contact for airsoft players who want to replenish their BBs, get equipment, or have their airsoft guns repaired. They are also in danger as many players make their purchases via online airsoft retails stores which have lesser overhead  as usually they do not need to be prime locations to do business, and thus, less rent to worry about.

U.S. Marines To Get Flame Resistant Uniforms Soon

The U.S. Marines and also the sailors of the U.S. Navy will soon be using flame-retardant uniforms in an upgrade that was announced at the U.S. Marine Corps website last November 9, 2016. These uniforms come with new material making them less susceptible to severe burns.

Members Of UKAPU To Converge At StrikeForce CQB For Annual Meeting

For UK-based airsoft players who believe in the power of organisation, they have one right now under the United Kingdom Airsoft Players Union (UKAPU) and working hard to ensure that their rights are protected and expanded; airsoft is promoted; and the encourage cooperation and camaraderie amongst members.

Limpid Armor Is Developing Battlefield Technology With Microsoft’s HoloLens

Earlier, we reported that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been developing applications with the Microsoft HoloLens for the battlefield, using Augmented Reality that allows commanders to process information as seen through the HoloLens as well as for soldiers on the ground to be able to act on information projected on the HoloLens.

Haley Strategic’s “Tricking Your Stick” Is A Must Watch For Airsoft Players

This should probably what every airsoft player should do when moving from beginner to intermediate or advanced --- how to properly setup his/her rifle in the most comfortable and efficient way that using the rifle is almost like having an extended arm. Haley Strategic Partners (HSP) has a video series on YouTube where Travis and Nate show you how to “trick your stick”. In this case, it is setting up your AR.

U.S. Army Tests 40mm Door-Breaching Grenade From Chemring Ordnance

During the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments (AEWE) 2017 Live Fire held in Fort Benning, the U.S. Army tested a 40mm grenade for breaching doors.  The 40mm grenades are made by Florida Company Chemring Ordnance and showed the test doors are not much of a problem for it.

Rainbow Six: Siege Season 3 Pro League Finals Will Take Place This Weekend

All Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Season 3 Pro League player eyes will be on Poland as the finals of Season 3 will take place this weekend, the 12th and 13th of November 2016. The finalists will be fighting for the US$150,000 total prize pool at the ESL Studio in Katowice, Poland.