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Oakley SI Expands Prizm Line To Water, Shooting, Snow, and Trail

Since the introduction of the Oakley SI Prizm in 2014, Oakley have expanded the line to cover different environments and activities. Apart from the “Daily” Prizm, they got “Shooting”, “Water”, “Snow”, “Trail”, and even “Golf”. They released a series of videos this week to show the various models for these environments.

UKAPU Update: Current Legal Issues Affecting UK Airsoft

Matt Furey-King, present Chairman of the United Kingdom Airsoft Players Union (UKAPU), made a four-part post early this month about current legal issues affecting UK Airsoft. These legal issues are about proposed legislation being proposed UK-wide, any of the countries comprising the United Kingdom, as well as the European Union (yep, the UK is still in the EU).

ORGA & RWA Partner To Distribute A BAD556 Kit For The TM MWS GBB

(Update 08 February 2017): Paul Chu, CEO of RedWolf Airsoft, sends another clarification that ORGA Airsoft got exclusively distribution rights for this kit in Japan whilst this is actually manufactured by RWA.

ONR Looking Into Smart Body Armour To Detect Traumatic Brain Injury

In what probably is taking cue from developers of football helmets that have sensors to determine if the brain trauma, the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research (ONR) is looking into the developing helmets and body armour that have sensors that can determine if a shockwave from an explosion may have injured a soldier’s brain without waiting for a medic to tell him/her.

We’re On The Third Week Of Voting! Better Be Sure To Cast Your Vote!

Let’s turn up the heat a bit more on our dear readers as we have reached the halfway point for the Voting/Finals Period of the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. We know that it is a month-long voting period so you can cast your vote when your are free, but we always prefer that the earlier you vote, the better.

The U.S. Army Selects The SIG P320 As M9 Replacement

The biggest story in the firearms industry this week was not announced at the SHOT Show 2017 but at Newington, New Hampshire, the location of SIG SAUER’s U.S. factory.  The company announced that its SIG P320 pistol has been selected for the the U.S. Army Modular Handgun System contract. The P320 will finally replace the Beretta M9 service pistol that has been in use in the Army since the 1980s.

SHOT 2017: Krytac KRISS Vector AEG, Valken Tactical Videos & More Reports

One of the anticipated products by airsoft players at the SHOT Show 2017 is the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG and we got good news from the floor as it will be eventually released either by the end of the 1st Quarter or at the start of the 2nd Quarter 2017. It is definitely going to be released as airsoft retailers in the U.S. are starting to take pre-orders of this AEG.

SHOT Show 2017: Evike Goes Into Overdrive, ASG New Products & More Videos

The SHOT Show 2017 starts with a big bang as the first day of the show greeted us with a lot of vides, mainly from real steel YouTube Channels. But after the first and second days, we now get to see more videos from the airsoft YouTube Channels. Some we have already posted in the news section and now we post an even bigger number for our today’s main feature story.

Industry Day At The Range & First SHOT Show 2017 Videos

We’re finally seeing a deluge of videos from the SHOT Show 2017 Industry Day at the Range where the media and industry guests try their hands on every real steel firearm they can and shoot them at the range. It’s the first big gathering before crowds get into the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada as the SHOT Show 2017 kicks off.

On Demand 3D-Printed Drones In The Works At The U.S. Army

3D printers would soon be playing an even more important role in the U.S. Army. Realising that 3D printers are versatile tools that can create on demand parts, tools and even the possibility of printing food for the soldiers on the ground, the U.S. Army are also moving to another level, on-demand 3D printed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones as we call them these days.