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U.S. Army Puts Out An RFI For A 7.62mm Interim Combat Rifle System

Firearms manufacturers! Start your engines! The U.S. Army are exploring options for a 7.62mm rifle as they are considering a new weapon that can fire at longer ranges and be able to penetrate present day body armour. The U.S. Army is said to have developed a 7.62mm round that can do just that but will need a rifle to fire that round and be ready to be mass produced for issuance to the troops.

The AK-50 Fires Its First .50 BMG Round And It Was A Success

Almost two years ago, Brandon Herrera aka “The AK Guy”, unveiled his project AK-50, a rifle that is based on the Kalashnikov or AK that can fire the .50 BMG. Just like the AK, it will still use the e AK operating system of a long piston driven rotating bolt design. But the question is, will be up to the task of firing a big round without disintegrating?

Turn Your Helmet Into A Smart Helmet With “Ahead”

Whether you’re riding a motorcycle, a bicycle, skiing, at a construction site, or even playing airsoft, your hands are not always free. You are holding the handlebars, the ski pole, doing some welding, or in airsoft, your airsoft rifle. Whilst doing such activities, you also prefer hands-free kit such as being able to capture with your action camera, and if possible a hands-free communications kit.

COD: WWII Will Include Operation Cobra & No Unlimited Sprint

With the Call of Duty franchise going back to its roots, being that it is a World War II tactical shooter game, Activision and developer Sledgegammer Games will have to introduce some come-ons in order to reboot the popularity of one of the biggest video game series in history.

MIT Researchers Find Conch Shells Hold The Secret To Impact Resistant Armour

What we were fond of blowing as a horn when hit the beaches in the tropics when we were young may just hold the secret to developing material for future armour. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) looked into the structure of a conch shell to find out what makes them unusually strong.

In Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 You Battle An Armed Religious Cult In Montana

Last week, Ubisoft Montreal released the latest in the Far Cry series. For Far Cry 5, the story is set in the United States, Hope County, Montana to be exact. The county is slowly being taken over by a armed doomsday cult called Eden’s Gate that is forcing residents to convert to their group and rid the county of sinners. Some Hope County residents have decided to resist this cult, which of course will set the game into an armed conflict between the two groups.

The U.S. Army Needs A New Rifle That Fires The 7.62mm Round

The U.S. Army has a pressing need to have a weapon that fires a round that can penetrate the latest body armour, worried that the 5.56mm round that is in use in the standard M4 rifle is underpowered. It is looking into the 7.62mm round which of course is used by the most likely opponents of the U.S. Military and its allies.

U.S. Army’s Tactical Augmented Reality (TAR) Is Ghost Recon In Real Life

The U.S. Army is working in a technology for a video game generation. Those raised playing Ghost Recon, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and other tactical shooter games will be more at ease doing real life missions using what is called the Tactical Augmented Reality (TAR) that will put information right in front of the soldier’s eyes without taking the eyes off the target or objective.

Garmin Ups The Ante In The Action Camera Market With The VIRB360

While 4K in action cameras is all the rage these days, another feature in action cameras is also getting increasing demand for those who want to improve their videos such as making them more immersive for the viewers. These days, 360 view videos are now being posted on video sharing sites such as YouTube and videographers want the latest action camera with 360 views.

DJI Just Released Their Cheapest Camera Drone Yet --- The Spark

I have been in the market for a proper camera drone. I got a cheap nano drone at home which was a pain to fly as the controls were just bad and I often just crash it. I got that nano drone to do some basics in drone flying, and now I ready for a bigger and most importantly, an affordable camera drone.