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Awesome! The Hardlight VR Suit Gives Haptic Feedback To Your Body

One of the in-things right now in the tech world apart from drones, wearable computing, and mobile devices is VR (Virtual Reality). Initially a crude technology in the 1990s that died due to cumbersome headsets, it is now back with a vengeance that started with Oculus, made more accessible with Google Cardboard, and now more companies are jumping into the VR market for different purposes, as VR offers a whole new world to explore.

Ireland Launches Public Consultations On Realistic Imitation Firearms

Airsoft players in the Republic of Ireland are being made aware of the recent efforts of the Department of Justice and Equality to conduct Public Consultations on Controls Governing Realistic Imitation Firearms.  This was announced last 20 March 2017 by Minister of State David Stanton, in a report by, he said:

The Matrix Reboot Is Rumoured To Be A Morpheus Prequel

Last week, entertainment websites began speculating what The Matrix reboot by Warner Bros is all about. Without The Wachowskis’ involvement in this project, many are wondering if this will be received well by the fans of the movie franchise.

U.S. Army Fields New Jungle Combat Boots To BCTs in Hawaii

The U.S. Army is testing new jungle boots with Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs) based in Hawaii this month, according to the Army News Service which posted the story in early March 2017. This is actually surprisingly fast as the U.S. Army was directed by the Army General Mark A. Milley to work on new design of jungle boots for soldiers last September 2016.

European Parliament Vote To Exempt Airsoft From EU Firearms Directive

Last week the airsoft community in the EU made a collective sigh of relief. In a report by the European Airsoft Association (EAA), on the 14th of March 2017, 70% of the MEPs (Members of European Parliament) voted in favour of this proposal:

“Directive 91/477/EEC is not applicable to other items, such as airsoft devices, which do not correspond to the definition of a firearm and are therefore not regulated by that Directive.”

Kalashnikov Concern To Protect Its Brand And Trademarks Worldwide

Real steel makers, airsoft manufacturers, and video game publishers will have to pay more attention to what Kalashnikov Concern is saying these days as they are getting more serious in protecting their intellectual properties, such as its trademarks and brands worldwide. And why are they taking this approach? It makes good business sense. That’s how its competitors also do business --- ensure that their intellectual properties are theirs to use and license.

You Might Need This Bag If You Don’t Want Stinking Clothes To Bring Home

I’m already sold to what this bag does. But if they make a tacticool version, I’ll be in love with the company behind this. Not yet on the market as it is raising funds on Kickstarer, Paqsule is a bag that can “deodorize, sanitize and kill bacteria, keeping your bag and everything inside smelling FRESH!”

"The Matrix" Is About To Get Rebooted. Take The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill?

More of Neo, Trinity and Morpheus? It’s not exactly indicated as entertainment websites in the interwebs are abuzz with news that Warner Bros are to reboot the The Matrix. One of the greatest science fiction films, The Matrix introduced “Bullet Time” and made the use of wire fu for martial arts stunts mainstream in Hollywood. Perhaps the most influential movie released in the 1990s, its influence is seen in movies and video games.

UKAPU Advisory To Airsoft Players On The Action Counters Terrorism (ACT)

The public are currently being warned to watch out for suspicious activity via a new campaign and hotline, ACT (Action Counters Terrorism). It's fair to say that the British public is more wary about firearms than ever before, and things are only getting worse.

Of course UKAPU is fully supportive of Government counter terrorism initatives, and we advise UKAPU members to take on board the advice in the campaign.

Bullet, The World’s Smallest Flashlight, Got Even Smaller With Bullet 02

The makers of Bullet, the World’s Smallest LED Flashlight that was introduced last year, are back again on Kickstarter to raise funds for the second version, Bullet 02. They promise it to be lighter, smaller and virtually indestructible. What’s more? It is inspired by the 40 S&W round.