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The U.S. Marines Want A Battalion Equipped With Silencers

I am back again with another story about the U.S. Marines who are always looking for ways to better combat effectiveness. From weapons to tactics, the U.S. Marines are always working hard to better themselves through innovation and constant training. Being the first to hit the beaches or to arrive at a hotspot to keep the peace, the Marines need to be on top of their game.

Let’s All Help Mark Rasmussen Get Back Home To Denmark

With the passing of the CEO & Founder of Airsoft Denmark, Mark Rasmussen, the airsoft community sees another bright light in our hobby/sport extinguished. What is more shocking for us is that Mark Rasmussen left this world at such a young age of 22.

Heckler & Koch To Stop Selling Firearms To Undemocratic & Corrupt Countries

News coming out of Germany regarding to the new tack in exporting firearms by the renowned German firearms manufacturer, Heckler & Koch, has a lot industry circles and firearms communities buzzing. We do not know if this change of heart means that the company has developed a conscience, or is more just falling in line with the policies of the German government.

New Products Revealed At The 3rd Tokyo Marui Festival Press Event

A new revelation about Tokyo Marui shows that the company is now willing to come out with new airsoft gun designs as reflected during the press event of the 3rd Tokyo Marui Festival that took place last Friday.  The actual Tokyo Marui Festival took place last 26-27th of November 2016 at the Belle Salle Akihabara and we shall be reporting about the main event in the following days, but for now we shall focus on the products revealed during the press event.

Nominate Your Favourites! The 7th Airsoft Players Choice Awards Is On!

The biggest online airsoft event is now on! The Nominations Period of the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards is now open and readers of Popular Airsoft can nominate their favourites in 23 categories. For this edition, there are more categories than ever giving the chance for airsoft companies and players to be nominated in more categories.

The Dutch Open 2016 Int'l. Airsoft Practical Shooting: Bigger, Better, Awesome!

On the 10th of November, while on the train travelling from King’s Cross St. Pancras to Brussels (to grab some Belgian Beer and Waffles along the way), then Brussels to Amsterdam, I wondered how the Dutch Airsoft Players Association (NABV) and its International Airsoft Practical Shooting group (IAPS) would be able to pull an even more successful Dutch Open 2016 International Airsoft Practical Shooting given that last year’s Dutch Open was a big success on its own.

It Looks Like The Boba Fett Movie Is Placed In The Back Burner

Last year, we wrote about the possibility of Boba Fett having his own movie in the galaxy of movies that are being planned for the Star Wars franchise ever since Disney purchased Lucas Films. Apart from the main Star Wars movies, it was said that there were more offshoot movies that were planned --- the first one is about Rogue One, which will be released next month as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story; a young Han Solo movie; and the other one is about most famous fictional space-faring bounty hunter with the Mandalorian armour, Boba Fett.

Will The M27 IAR Become The Standard Issue Rifle Of The U.S. Marines?

With the French Army adopting the Heckler & Koch’s HK416 as a replacement for the FAMAS assault rifle, the German company may just notch up another big win on the other side of the Atlantic. The USMC is evaluating the M27 IAR as a possible standard issue rifle for all the battalions, which means the M4 rifle, which they decided to be the standard issue rifle last year, might be dislodged by M27 IAR.

Stick Your Action Cam Or Smartphone Anywhere With GekkoGum

You’re all set for that big airsoft game. You got your airsoft gun ready to rock and roll and all geared up. But then you take your action camera such as the GoPro and realise that you forgot your helmet or gun mount for it. Now, how you are going to take awesome footages of the game when you have nothing to mount your camera on?

The City Baltimore Moves A Step Closer To Banning Replica Guns

Airsoft is in danger in Baltimore as the City Council have initially approved a city-wide ban of replica guns.