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Penalties On Shining Lasers On Pilots About To Get Tougher In The UK

Laser pointers are cool stuff to use, on or off the airsoft field. Apart from using it as a targeting tool for more accurate shooting against the OPFOR, lasers can also be used as for presentations in front of clients and students. But they can also be dangerous even if they look harmless as they can pose a danger to pilots, drivers, and motorists. Anything that happens to them in the course of their duties if they get disoriented or temporarily blinded by a laser shined on them can cause catastrophic  accidents that can lead to serious injuries and death.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Have A Single Player Campaign

Releasing a Star Wars Battlefront was indeed a success for Electronic Arts (EA) as it recovered from criticisms of buggy FPS Battlefield series. With such a success, EA, wanted to push the game more for their customers to stick to their FPS games as releasing just a multiplayer only game was not enough, and with DICE, EA Motive, and Criterion, work has began for the Star Wars Battlefront 2.

It’s The Final Day Of The Voting Period! Cast Your Votes Now Or Never!

After two arduous months for nominees and finalists working hard to ensure that their names get into the voting period, we finally hit the final day. We are looking forward for this day to arrive as we want to quickly determine who will be the winners for the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards.

Heckler & Koch Reveal Their Latest Assault Rifle: The HK433

The start of February 2017 did come with some good news that got at the attention of the real steel and airsoft communities. Heckler & Koch has unveiled their new assault rifle, the HK433 that comes with the best features of two of its successful predecessors, the HK416 and the G36 assault rifles. A hybrid, you will say, but if it truly does feature the best of these rifles, then military organisations should pay close attention to the HK433 if they are looking for a new assault rifle to equip their soldiers.

GoPro Announces The Karma Drone Is Going Back To Stores

If I were somebody choosing the name for the first drone offering of GoPro, Karma is what I would not have chosen it to be. When it was first released last year to much fanfare, it had to be recalled as it tended to lose power in flight. Such a problem made its biggest competitor in DJI, to surge ahead with its feature packed and affordable Mavic Pro.

Meet The Team Multicam Brand Ambassadors

Multicam, or for some airsoft, Guccicam, has expanded the from its original Multicam Pattern to a variety of patterns under the “Multicam Family of Camouflage Patterns” that have been designed to fit certain operating environments (e.g. Urban, Tropical, Snow, and Arid). As of now the Multicam pattern is the most famous camo pattern that has been adopted by several countries.

UKAPU: Policing And Crime Bill Finally Receives Royal Assent

It’s finally over! The campaign for exemptions for airsoft in the Policing and Crime Bill has been maintained at 1.3 joules which is approximately 370fps using 0.20g BBs for airsoft guns that have full automatic modes. The Policing and Crime Bill has been given the Royal Assent, meaning that is now law.

Emerson Gear Is Preparing A PMAG-Style Power Bank. Neat

Thanks to a reader in Hong Kong, we get to see information on a product that Emerson Gear is about to release this year --- a PMAG-Style Power Bank. It looks actually cool as you can bring a power bank with you to the airsoft field that will not look out of place as you it will look like just another STANAG magazine in your M4 pouch.

It’s The Final Week Of Voting! Better Cast That Important Vote Now!

We are now on the final stretch of voting for the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. And that means every reader of Popular Airsoft, and airsoft players who intend on their votes, the window for making up their minds is now fast closing. It’s just a week left for the Voting/Final period of the awards so it’s very important that they cast their votes as soon as they can before it finally closes.

If you have not cast your vote, click on the button below to start voting:

Francis Ford Coppola Wants To Make An "Apocalypse Now" Video Game

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning" is the best speech in a movie in a Blockbuster UK survey amongst film buffs in 2004. Probably is, since it’s one of the most memorable lines in a movie ever. If you do not know what move the line came from, you’ll probably listen to it again if Francis Ford Coppola gets his way.