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The Movie Trailer About The 1980 Iranian Embassy Siege Is Online

An event that catapulted the Special Air Service (SAS) into the public eye that happened 37 years ago, is about to be told again in a movie this summer. “6 Days” is an action thriller about the 1980 Iranian Embassy Siege in London starring Jamie Bells (Fantastic Four) as Rusty Firmin, the SAS Blue Team Assault Team Leader, and Mark Strong, as the hostage negotiator Max Vernon.

See In The Dark In Full Color With The SPI X27 Night Vision Camera

It looks like combat at night will be done in full color if this ultra lowlight camera gets to be used in the military. It might be unsettling that it is almost like seeing in broad daylight using the SPI X27 Night Vision Camera when the user knows he/she is looking at this his/her environment deep in the dark.

U.S. Navy SEALs Turn To Brain Stimulating Tech To Enhance Performance

How you wish you could just plug-in your brain to something like “The Matrix” and gain the knowledge and skills to have an advantage over your enemies. Whilst the technology seems to look feasible, it is still a long way off to become a reality. For one of the world’s most elite units, being able to stimulate the brain to improve physical and mental performance is one of its objectives.

The U.S. Navy SEALs are turning to a headset for that purpose.

Is YouTube Preventing Gun Channels From Monetizing Their Content?

As an airsoft website, Popular Airsoft also posts news and developments from the firearms industry given that both industries are linked. Airsoft grew out of the need of firearms enthusiasts in countries where guns are either banned or heavily regulated; and most, if not all, of airsoft gun external features are based on real steel designs. Also, a good number of airsoft players are firearms enthusiasts too.

Hong Kong To Host IPSC Action Air World Shooting Championship Next Year

We finally get official information of the Inaugural IPSC Action Air World Shoot (airsoft practical shooting). Initially, it was awarded to Hungary and was slated for this year, but we have not heard much of it, even signs of preparation. Finally, it was awarded to Hong Kong, which I believe is the best thing to do. Hong Kong has been at the forefront and the centre of Action Air in the world, and being the host of the first IPSC Action Air World Shoot is the best way to recognize this.

Activision Wants To Turn Call Of Duty Into A Marvel-Like Movie Franchise

From the computer screen to the big screen, that is what Activision is said to be planning for their Call of Duty video game franchise. It is not exactly a new development from the company as they have been looking into this possibility for some time now. But with the recent Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare not performing to expectations, they probably thought now is the good time to start the movie series.

The Megabots Versus Kuratas Fight Will Finally Happen In August 2017

The last time we have heard about the status of this fight was that Team Megabots were in the process of building a Megabots MK II to be able to fight properly against the Japanese Kuratas. It is almost two years since the Americans challenged the Japanese to a giant robot duel which was originally scheduled last year but the fight was delayed due to problems of finding a venue.

Concern Kalashnikov & FMTG Agree On Trademark Use Dispute Resolution

Some good news for the Russian airsoft community with regards to the issue of the use of Kalashnikov trademarks on airsoft guns and other military tactical game products. In a press release, Concern Kalashnikov and the Federation of the Military-Tactical Games (FMTG or ФВТИ in Russian), upon the initiative of the latter, have mutually agreed upon conditions in resolving disputes in the use of trademarks.

Airsoft Plantation World Domination Tournament Report

Last March 26,2017, Airsoft Plantation or better known as AP to local Airsofters in the Essex area here in the U.K. held its first team tournament which they called the World Domination Tournament or WDT. Sounds like an international event, isn’t it? But do read on to understand it more…

The French GIGN Just Selected The CZ Bren 2 As Their Standard Issue Rifle

Whilst the French Army chose the Heckler & Koch HK416 Assault Rifle as the replacement of the FAMAS rifle, the elite French law enforcement and special forces unit, Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale (GIGN), decided to replace their HK416 rifles with the CZ Bren 2 as the standard issue rifle.