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Vote Now As The 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards Voting Period Is Now Open

Sorry for the bit of delay, as we prepared the site for 2017 as well as the deluge of voters for the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards as the voting period starts today. Thousands of Popular Airsoft readers from around the world will be voting from today until the 6th of February to finally determine the winners in the 23 categories of the awards for this period.

Popular Airsoft Site Maintenance & 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards Update

We’ll be undergoing scheduled site maintenance at around 1200H GMT today as we prepare for the website for more news updates and cleaning up to make more space due to limitations in our hosting. The scheduled maintenance will take the whole weekend until late evening of Monday, the 9th of January.

GoPro Will Detail The Karma Drone’s Relaunch In February 2017

The CES 2017 kicked off yesterday and we’ll the world’s biggest and most exciting consumer electronics manufacturers strut their wares to show you what you can expect from this year and some of their concept projects that may or may not see the light of day.

The Philippine Army Adopts The Hyperstealth Camo Pattern

Actually, the news is not really fresh, but we just encountered this information via Soldier Systems, which blogged about this decision this week. Googling further, it has been reported by reliable Philippine blogs, in this case, Stukaph, in September 2016 after noticing the new camo patterns being worn by Army officials in news reports.

E-Blanks: Cost Effective & Safe Simulated Live Firing System For Field Training

Live-fire  training exercises are important in any serious military organization. But such exercises entail logistics that will costs a lot of money ranging from fuel, vehicle repair, and blanks for safety when doing live firing. And to determine if soldiers were able to “kill” the enemy soldiers and vehicles, they also use some laser systems to simulate the kill and usually they use the MILES or Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System that is mounted on the rifles and other weapons and used in conjunction with blanks to simulate battlefield noise.

Built From Scratch Airsoft ZPU-2, Browning .50 Cal, XM714, & More!

If there is an event where you can see some unique airsoft guns built from the ground up for tge event’s purposes, you have to look to the Land of the Rising Sun, or for those in airsoft, the land where airsoft began. The Modern Military Meeting (MMM) is an event where the Japanese airsoft community mass in numbers with airsoft tinkerers also bringing their latest creations for the community to gawk at.

Move Over MegaBots & Kuratas! The Koreans Got A Better Mechbot

Whist we wait for any update about the duel between the American MegaBots and the Japanese Kuratas, the South Koreans have been working silently working in the background with an even better mech that takes giant robot-building to the next level. Hankook Mirae Technology, working with Hollywood FX designer Vitaly Bulgarov, have unveiled a 13-foot, human-piloted Mechbot that can move on its own two feet.

Let's Welcome 2017 With A Bang! Happy New Year To Everyone!

There are a good number of reasons to hate 2016. Whilst it is not in the league of other years which were really terrible, still 2016 has brought a lot of anxiety and loss of hope for peoples around the world, thinking that it has gone cruel. In airsoft, it was in a way, a normal year so 2016 for airsoft there was growth with an anxious world as a background.

It's The Final Day Of Nominations! Submit Your Nominees Now!

Let’s end the year with a bang by making the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards Nominations Period end in a really high note. Indeed, this Nominations Period is the biggest ever with more submissions as compared to the previous years. This means that the race to be on the top 5 nominees per category is even tighter for the awards.

U.S. Marines Will Use Samsung Mobile Devices For Fire Missions

Reading the title should surely result into making jokes about Samsung now being part of the U.S. Marines’ ordnance by using the exploding Samsung Note 7 for fire missions. Seriously though, the Marine Corps decided to use Samsung tablets for fire missions as part of their efforts to use commercial-off-the-shelf products that have utility in the battlefield.