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Built From Scratch Airsoft ZPU-2, Browning .50 Cal, XM714, & More!

If there is an event where you can see some unique airsoft guns built from the ground up for tge event’s purposes, you have to look to the Land of the Rising Sun, or for those in airsoft, the land where airsoft began. The Modern Military Meeting (MMM) is an event where the Japanese airsoft community mass in numbers with airsoft tinkerers also bringing their latest creations for the community to gawk at.

Move Over MegaBots & Kuratas! The Koreans Got A Better Mechbot

Whist we wait for any update about the duel between the American MegaBots and the Japanese Kuratas, the South Koreans have been working silently working in the background with an even better mech that takes giant robot-building to the next level. Hankook Mirae Technology, working with Hollywood FX designer Vitaly Bulgarov, have unveiled a 13-foot, human-piloted Mechbot that can move on its own two feet.

Let's Welcome 2017 With A Bang! Happy New Year To Everyone!

There are a good number of reasons to hate 2016. Whilst it is not in the league of other years which were really terrible, still 2016 has brought a lot of anxiety and loss of hope for peoples around the world, thinking that it has gone cruel. In airsoft, it was in a way, a normal year so 2016 for airsoft there was growth with an anxious world as a background.

It's The Final Day Of Nominations! Submit Your Nominees Now!

Let’s end the year with a bang by making the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards Nominations Period end in a really high note. Indeed, this Nominations Period is the biggest ever with more submissions as compared to the previous years. This means that the race to be on the top 5 nominees per category is even tighter for the awards.

U.S. Marines Will Use Samsung Mobile Devices For Fire Missions

Reading the title should surely result into making jokes about Samsung now being part of the U.S. Marines’ ordnance by using the exploding Samsung Note 7 for fire missions. Seriously though, the Marine Corps decided to use Samsung tablets for fire missions as part of their efforts to use commercial-off-the-shelf products that have utility in the battlefield.

UK Government Mulling To Require Drone Pilots To Pass A Theory Test

If you are based in the UK and planning to fly drones for fun or for a living (such as covering airsoft events), then you may need to take a test if the British government pushes through its plans to require drone pilots to pass the test before they are given permits to fly their drones.

Just Three Days Left Before The Nomination Period Ends! Nominate Now!

Still rubbing that happy tummy for that Christmas feast you had? Well, if you are resting from all the food gorged on Christmas day, you are probably online for airsoft news and updates and of course, that social media thingy where your airsoft team mates are also members of.

We’re Taking A Break For The Holiday Season! Happy Holidays!

(Advisory: As we take a break to be with our families and friends for the holidays, there will be no news posts and stories on Popular Airsoft from the 24th to the 26th of December. Regular publication will resume on the 27th of December.)

We are wishing our readers a warm holiday season, as we are about to celebrate Christmas and after that new year. We wish that things could have been better for the world, but for now we will just count the blessings that we got for this year.

Admit It Geardos! This Is What You Really Want For Christmas

Honestly, we are always getting lazy to write feature stories in the 3 days before Christmas as our minds are already set in celebrating the Holiday Season with family and friends. Apart from that, our minds are also occupied thinking what our Christmas money can buy for us our airsoft addiction.

Ryan Gosling Joins Harrison Ford In The Blade Runner Sequel

Fans are divided whether the Blade Runner, a sci-fi film starring Harrison Ford released in 1982 that has a cult following, should have a sequel or not. As for me, I am all for a sequel so we get to see how this movie takes off from the 1982 movie, called Blade Runner 2049.