Systema Infinity PTW With NBORDE Receiver Set


Have good look at the Systema Engineering Infinity PTW that is kitted with the NBORDE machined receiver set in this promotional video from NBORDE... "This video is an image video of SYSTEMA INFINITY newly developed in 2021. Most of the airsoft guns that appear are equipped with the NBORDE total machined receiver set."

Custom Systema MK18 PTW Test


Timerzanov Airsoft tries the custom Systema MK18 PTW that's done by Vinc AAB... "Hi all ! Today we meet for a special video. This time Vinc AAB came to my house and on the occasion he presents us here his MK18 PTW Systema.

Penguins Tactical: PTW Shooting Test Part 1


Moto brings a Systema PTW to the range for some shooting tests for this Penguins Tactical video... "This time, I borrowed the favorite guns of several people and tried out Systema's Professional Training Weapon (PTW), commonly known as 'Trepon'. Special Thanks to Daichi-san, Piro-san [Series introduction] for the VLOG series that records the daily scenes of Penguins Tactical member MOTO."

Systema PTW MK18 Configuration


For Systema PTW owners who want to change the look of their PTWs, Cusko Airsoft Reviews shows how he was able to configure his into the MK18 look, which is one the AR configuration that airsoft and milsim players are after these days... "An overview video of my airsoft gun. I've tried so many setups, but this is by far my favorite and most 'complete' configuration."

Systema Infinity Gearbox Breakdown


Take a look at the new Systema Infinity Gearbox as it is broken apart to see what is inside in this video from ORGA Airsoft... "At the test firing event of the new Trepon internal kit SYSTEMA PTW INFINITY, he also explained the gearbox. What is the contents of the gearbox that integrates the base and motor compactly? !! Introducing the whole picture of the INFINITY gearbox, which has a simple structure despite its great evolution."

Hyperdouraku Exclusive: Systema Engineering PTW Infinity


Last week Systema Engineering teased us with a photo showing their upcoming PTW system, using a brushless motor that is integrated in the gearbox, eliminating the need for an AEG motor in the pistol grip, allow users to fit real steel M4/AR grips to this new PTW. Now, Yas of Hyperdouraku got an exclusive look with this upcoming PTW and it is called the "PTW Infinity".

Which? GBLS DAS Or Systema PTW?


Besta Airsoft compares two of the most expensive M4 AEGs in the market. Both the GBLS DAS GDR-15 and the Systema M4 PTWs are primarily being marketed as training weapons for both LEOs and Military organisations and for airsoft players with deep pockets. Which would pick if you have the moolah to buy one of these?

"In this video we will try to help those who are undecided between these two great platforms. One gives you the ultimate realism on an AEG the other an outstading performance."

Hyperdouraku: Systema Type 89 Review


This is a follow up on the Systema Type 89 by Hyperdouraku after the first reveal by Systema Engineering this year and this is a review on the actual commercial package since it was released in July 2019. This is the third gun design from the Systema after the AR and MP5 platforms as the company attempts to stay relevant as more competitors in the training weapon area are coming. As always, this is a premium-priced AEG and will probably have customers mainly from Japan.

Hyperdouraku On The Systema PTW89


It has been ages since Systema Engineering added another PTW in its product line up. Put on display at the Training Weapon Festival that took place last weekend was the prototyoe of the PTW89, which obviously, is based on the JSDF Type 89 Rifle and this one comes with the M-Lok system. This follows the AR and MP5 PTWs from the Japanese company which are designs made available over a decade ago.

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