The Firearm Blog On The IWI Negev Light Machine Gun


James and The Firearm Blog crew take a closer look at the IWI Negev Light Machine Gun to find out how good it is... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves visits with Miroslav, Sellier & Bellot Ammunition armorer, and Tom, an IWI trainer, to discuss (and shoot!) the IWI Negev light/general purpose machine gun.

Garand Thumb: The Tavor X95


A very good look at the IWI Tavorr X95 that is in service in the Israeli Defense Forces by Garand Thumb... "Today we visit the Service Rifle of Israel, the Tavor X95. In many ways a great bullpup and in many ways a bad firearm, there are many odd quirks to this rifle. We delve in depth into this firearm and we hope you enjoy the video."

IWI Tavor 21 Elite Airsoft Rifle At Airsoft Station


The licensed IWI Tavor AEGs in Elite and Competition versions from Elite Force are available at Airsoft Station... "From Elite Force the Competition TAR 21 is the newest rendition of the popular Israel Tavor. The Competition class TAR 21 features the same design as the Elite series TAR 21 with sacrificing little. The externals sport full trademarks, premium build quality, and the unique ergonomics that a bullpup weapon design gives.

Elite Force IWI Tavor Competition Series


The more affordable IWI Tavor Competition Series being carried under the Elite Force brand in the U.S. gets scrutinised by the Salty Old Gamer... "We're checking out the awesomely futuristic Elite Force IWI Tavor 21 Competition Series Airsoft AEG, by Umarex. This is somewhat or a starter airsoft gun, and we're going to go over every inch of it so that, but the end of this video, you'll know if it's worth it."

IWI TS12 Shotgun Review By TFBTV


This is a highly anticipated real world shotgun made by the Israeli firearms company, IWI, and something that we would love to lay our hands on if it has an airsoft version. James of The Firearm Blog gives his take on the prototypes he got to use for the video... "In this episode of TFBTV, James discusses his review of the three prototype copies of the IWI TS12 he has used over the past few months. Is this the ultimate tactical shotgun?"

Read more here.

Airsoft Mike: Umarex IWI Tavor SAR GBB


Another unboxing and review video by Airsoft Mike, showing the Umarex IWI Tavor SAR Gas Blowback Bullpup Rifle. Made by KWA, this is fully licensed and has been reproduced to the exact external details like the real one. It comes with a 36 BB round gas magazine and has flip up front and rear sights.

Mach Sakai: KSC IWI Tavor 21 GBB


Mach Sakai gets his hands on another gas blowback bullpup rifle, the KSC IWI Tavor 21 GBB.  This GBB bullpup features the markings of the IWI Tavor as this is a licensed version. You can use the existing KSC/KWA M4 gas magazines, apart from the IWI TAR 21 gas magazine that goes with it. Since it is a KSC version, rather than the KWA version this is limited to  0.98J to meet Japanese power limits.

IWI TS-12 And Tavor-7 SHOT Show Updates


Burst Review visits the IWI booth at the SHOT Show 2019. They talk about the updates to the Tavor TS12 12-gauge shotgun with M-Lok compatible rails and capacity of 15+1 rounds as well as the Tavor-7, the 7.62×51mm NATO bullpup rifle from their Tavor bullpup series... "IWI Updates Jim on the TS-12 and Tavor-7 at SHOT Show 2019."

Vickers Tactical: IWI NEGEV Series


Something we want to see have an airsoft version is featured in this Vickers Tactical episode. The IWI Negev is a gas-operated selective LMG that was officially adopted by the IDF in 1997. There are four variants and can fire either the 5.56x45mm NATO or the 7.62x51mm NATO... "Tom From IWI US takes Larry through their NEGEV series."


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