Tokyo Marui HK MP7A1 AEG Review


The first MP7A1 in airsoft, the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 AEP/AEG and cloned by other airsoft manufacturers gets presented here by Classic Airsoft... "Hey Guys, here i show you the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 AEP from 2006, this one was Maruis first ever made AEP System SMG. Its locked at semi only due to German gun regulations because it is normally above 0,5Joule. That means it has to be semi only and get a F mark to be legal."

Tokyo Marui MP7A1 GBB With The MTD


In this video, Mach Sakai goes over two products from Tokyo Marui, the MP7A1 GBB SMG and the MTD sight. He checks them for external features, operation, hop disassembly and tests at different BB weights and the mandatory quick steel challenge the he always does.

Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS & MP7A1 GBBs Checked


Kuroneko takes out the Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS and MP7A1 Gas Blowbacks out of storage and checks them out if they're ready to be perform. It seems he is happy with the recoil of the longer one.. "It's getting warmer, so I'm going to check the operation of the gas blowback airsoft gun I have. This time it's a chat that I'm grinning after trying to operate Tokyo Marui's gas blowbackss, M4A1 MWS and MP7A1."

ESCWorks Custom Tokyo Marui MP7A1 HPA


Iceman Airsoft talks about his HPA-powered Tokyo Marui MP7A1 GBB customiseed by ESCWorks... "Hello everyone and welcome back finally in a new video! Today I bring you the review of my Tokyo Marui gbb MP7A1 transformed hpa by Emenuele Salvatore into ESCWORKS art! I'm so happy to finally come back with a new video! and I hope you like the new format!"

Tokyo Marui MP7A1 GBB Unboxing


Maydaysan Airsoft unboxes the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 GBB SMG to take a look at the package and accessorise it. Some wish that Tokyo Marui bring this to the 1:1 scale like the version from VFC... "The Gas Blow Back MP7A1 by Tokyo Marui is a unique little unicorn that has seen it's role in Airsoft CQB, as a beast!"

Airsoft Atlanta: HK MP7A1 Advanced Springer


Airsoft Atlanta got available a springer version of the Heckler & Koch MP7A1 from Elite Force... "The airsoft HK MP7 A1 Advanced - Spring Gun is an airsoft economical plastic spring gun by Heckler & Koch (Umarex licensed). This is a manual loading spring firing gun, meaning you have to pull the front forward grip back for each shot you fire (spring powered) - it's very easy to pull back and fire for each shot. No battery or gas required.

Laylax MP7A1 High Grade Custom


Laylax shows the various components of their MP7A1 High Grade Custom and these are available at their store... "Introducing the custom of Tokyo Marui's electric compact machine gun MP7A1' that incorporates LayLax's custom parts in a PV style.

*00:50The MP7A1 custom parts that appear in are "under development".

VFC H&K MP7A1 Generation 2 S-AEG Review


Tom's Airsoft Channel is back online and he does a review of the VFC H&K MP7A1 Generation 2 S-AEG, with the S-AEG being a semi due to German regulations. Fully licensed as this is made for Umarex, this S-AEG was released last year with improvements such as an updated tappet playe, air nozzle, gear release button and a metal gear cam.

Mach Sakai's Tokyo Marui MP7A1 Gas Blowback Review


Is there something else to say about the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 Gas Blowback SMG, which probably is the most reviewed MP7A1 GBB in the market? Mach Sakai probably does as he checks its external details, operation, handling and performance in a quick steel challenge. Not a exact detailed as the VFC version, but still is a popular MP7A1 in the airsoft market.

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