Haley Strategic Train Gear Checklist


Airsoft players who do crossovers or planning to crossover to real firearms to train further, can watch this video released by Haley Strategic. Jared Segraves, Director of Training, put out a gear checklist on what to bring to a firearms training so participants won't be just kept in the dark on what they need to bring to get properly kitted out.

Haley Strategic Blackside


Know more about the Haley Strategic Blackside which can be considered as a "skunkworks" group inside the company... "Blackside is an experimental unit within the Haley Strategic R&D department. It was developed a few years ago to have a laser focus on “Keep It Simple Solutions" to solve difficult problems for the people that go into harm's way.

Haley Strategic D3 Belt In Stock


Travis and Trevor talk about the new Haley Strategic D3 Belt that can be ordered from the HSP store... "Battle belts have been used by warfighters dating back to the first American Revolutionary War. The application of the latest technologies in American made materials and over 240 years of battle belt history have combined to form our D3 BELT.

Ollie Talks Airsoft: HSP Rifle & Pistol Mag pouch


Ollie Talks Airsoft gives what he thinks about the rifle and pistol mag pouch from Haley Strategic Partners... "I recently picked up the new HSP mag pouches for use in Airsoft, but will they be any good? initially I have mixed feelings and feel HSP missed a couple of obvious improvements.

I have emailed HSP with my improvement ideas but have not yet received a response."

Haley Strategic M3 Med Mag Mount w/ SOARescue


Overview of the M3 Med Mag Mount developed by Haley Strategic in patnership with SOARescue... "We are proud to introduce the M3 Med Mag Mount a collaboration between SOARescue & Haley Strategic Partners. SOARescue is a premier provider of lifesaving equipment and training for the military, law enforcement, and the responsible armed citizen.

Haley Strategic Anything Hook


Hook anything on the Haley Strategic Anything Hook as you go to the field... "The Haley Strategic Anything Hook is a simple yet effective product consisting of only an anodized aluminum clip hook attached to a piece of Velcro Onewrap. Nothing fancy, it's our solution for users that need to easily carry items such as gloves, chem lights, or other small items and accessories that commonly require frequent attachment/detachedment.

HSP D3CR Disruptive Environments Chest Rig At Evike.com


The D3CR Chest Rig from Haley Strategic is available at Evike.com. This Chest Rig is available for some years now and have inspired other designs due to is versatility... "The Haley Strategic Partners D3CR Disruptive Environments Chest Rig, perfectly carries 4 M4 (or AK) mags, 2 pistol mags, has 2 sizable general purpose pouches AND the most versatile pouch of all, the StuffIt.

Works great as a standalone, and compatible with vests with standard-sized SwiftClips™."

Haley Strategic Partners Rig Walkaround


Last Line of Defense visits the Haley Strategic Partnes HQ and he gets shown around especially taking a look at Travis' Toyota Tacoma... "Travis Haley is a legend in my crowd. Huge thanks to Travis and Sean for giving me some of their time to shoot some vid, film/record a podcast, and just hangout for a bit. Stay tuned for a few more videos from this trip, including my first podcast, and my thoughts on the Haley Strategic D7 Course."

Spartan117gw: Travis Haley Plays Airsoft!


Greg Wong, aka Spartan117gw, got this video with Travis Haley of Haley Strategic Partners playing airsoft. Travis Haley, a Force Recon Marine, recommends airsoft for cross-training... "What an absolute privilege it was to play with the man himself! I think its funny how we all grew up watching his content but now his kids are growing up watching ours. Airsoft is a great sport for parents looking to spend extra time with their kids or looking for a way to get them off the couch.

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