Haley Strategic Blackside


Haley Strategic Blackside

Know more about the Haley Strategic Blackside which can be considered as a "skunkworks" group inside the company... "Blackside is an experimental unit within the Haley Strategic R&D department. It was developed a few years ago to have a laser focus on “Keep It Simple Solutions" to solve difficult problems for the people that go into harm's way. We don't just innovate on a client's wants or requirements, we get deeply involved and mesh experience and technology with methodology to create not just a product solution but a new way of thinking.

Blackside is made up of personnel that are Jacks of all trades and maintain a lot of experience in the military, law enforcement, and rescue spaces. One of the unique aspects of Blackside is the creative flexibility, outside the box thinking, even breaking all the rules of traditional product design if necessary to get the job done without wasting our tax payer money.

To place an order or for additional information on our full line of Blackside products and customization opportunities please contact us at [email protected]."

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