BB2K Airsoft's WELL WE23-S Minigun Unboxing & First Try


Bruce of BB2K Airsoft gets to try this handy airsoft minigun from WELL, the WE23-S, and it is afforable too... "Today I'm unpacking the WELL WE23-S minigun with you, which I'll be using regularly this year. It is very fast at dispensing BBs. The sound of the all-electric airsoft is epic."

ASG Olsztyn: Well Pro WE06 Advanced Version


Does a cheap DSG Well Pro WE06 Advanced Version make sense? That's what ASG Olsztyn will try to make sense of in this review and test. This ultra-light and compact AEG, weighing just 1.9 kg, is made from durable polymer reinforced with nylon fibers. It features design elements from the AK-12 rifle, including a detachable top cover with an integrated Picatinny rail, a new pistol grip, and an ambidextrous safety/fire selector.

WELL PRO PPK-20 AEG Japan Version


A quick review by the HTG Channel WELL PRO PPK-20 AEG that has been tweaked to meet Japanese regulations... "A high-performance air gun that precisely reproduces the latest Russian submachine gun! Fastest review of WELL PRO PPK-20 (equipped with pre-cocking electronic trigger/JP.Ver)."

Well Pro MB01AE Upgraded Version Reveal


Here is a quick presentation by Taiwan Gun of the Well Pro MB01AE Upgraded Version. Well enhanced the MB01AE airsoft rifle with performance and practicality in mind. The replica features a durable stainless steel cylinder and piston, a 90° trigger box with a new trigger type, and a 500mm barrel for improved accuracy.

Well Pro WE23-S Minigun Disassembly


An airsoft minigun that can be held with one hand, Taiwan Gun shows how to disassemble the Well Pro WE23-S minigun. The WE23-S Minigun is an AEG replica of a five-barrel automatic Gatling-style cannon, based on the M61 Vulcan rotary cannon, with a high rate of fire of up to 36 rounds per second.

WELL Pro WE23-S Minigun In A CQB Game


If you see someone weilding the WE23-S Minigun from WELL in a CQB game, better make sure you get good cover as this will be a corridor/hall sweeper. AirsoftNext brings it to a game with CQB areas to find out if it performs well. 

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