SIG Air Proforce P320 X Carry GBB Pistol Review


The Middle Aged Gamer checks out the SIG Air Proforce P320 X Carry GBB Pistol in this video review. The Proforce airsoft pistol is modeled after the SIG SAUER P320 XCARRY and replicates its advanced ergonomic design, including the straight blade trigger and XSeries grip module. It has a fully enclosed, high volume blowback system, a revolutionary hop-up system, and is field strippable like its centerfire counterpart.

Revanchist Airsoft On The SIG Air ProForce P320 X CARRY GBB Pistol


Revanchist Airsoft presents the SIG Air ProForce P320 X CARRY gas blowback pistol which he has worked on to make it operate smoothly in this video. The SIG SAUER Proforce P320 X CARRY is a compact airsoft pistol that is a faithful replica of its real steel counterpart, with a size similar to the M18 and comparable to the Glock 19. It has a realistic modular fire control unit and the trademarked VFC Guide Hop system for convenient and precise Hop-Up adjustment.

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