AGM MP007B Unboxing By Airsoft Sweden


The most sold MP40 AEG, the AGM MP007B, gets unboxed in this video by Airsoft Sweden... "I will unbox an MP40 (MP007B) made by AGM, which I bought from Taiwangun. The previous MP40 is quite old, and there seems to be some differences in the gearbox between the older and the newer models. Since it's winter right now, it's difficult to upload videos, so there won't be much activity on the channel. But when spring comes, I will be posting many more videos.

Airsoft Sweden On The AGM MP007B AEG


AGM still makes the MP007 or the MP40 AEG which is popular amongst collectors and reenactors. Airsoft Sweden got one to share what they think about this AEG... "In today's video, we look at the iconic mp 40 weapon. The MP007B has been an airsoft that I have been unhappy with and had constant problems with. We cover things like performance, quality, history and more. In the next video there will be some new content hopefully.

Airsoft Sweden's CYMA CM.032 Review


After the Tokyo Marui M14 series, many say the clones made by CYMA are good alternatives as compared to others. Airsoft Sweden gives his take in this video review... "In today's video we review CM.032 made by CYMA. It is a replica of the M14 rifle used during the Vietnam War. This airsoft really performs well for its price and is highly recommended, as is the case with most CYMA weapons. In this video we go through the usual stuff like performance, quality and more.

S&T PPsh-41 With Real Wood AEG Review


Airsoft Sweden checks out the S&T PPSH With Real Wood AEG in this video review... "In today's video I'm reviewing the PPSH SUBMACHINE GUN REPLICA made by S&T Airsoft. It's an airsoft replica of the PPSH-41 Smg used mostly during WW2. It's a good smg airsoft gun. Trust me I have played with it in enough matches. In this video we go through things like performance, quality and more. We also shoot with it a little bit on semi and full auto."

Double Eagle M401 Pump Shotgun Review


Airsoft Sweden give their take on the M401 pump airsoft shotgun made by Double Eagle. Magazine that comes with it has a capacity of 18 BBs... "A review about the airsoft gun M401 pump shotgun which is made by double eagle. It's a good starting weapon for beginners. In this video, we go through things like quality, features, performance and more. We also test shoot it."

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