Royal Armouries: The HK G41 Rifle


A look at the HK G41 by a firearms expert from Royal Armouries... "This week's weapon represents H&K's attempt to capitalise on NATO standardisation in the 1980s. Watch Jonathan as he discusses all the added features that made this firearm longer and heavier than it's HK33 predecessor."

Royal Armouries: Agram 2002


Jonathan Ferguson is back for another episode for Royal Armouries, covering the Agram 2002 that is used by Croatian gangsters... "A compact take on the Agram 2000 this week. Join Jonathan Ferguson as he takes a look at a reputedly improved, stock-less version of the Croatian-made firearm coveted by criminals."

Royal Armouries: The Left-Handed SA80


Royal Armouries got Jonathan Ferguson to talk about the left-handed SA80 rifle... "The SA80 is famed for its disastrous introduction into British Army service, even inspiring unofficial t-shirts to be worn by soldiers stating it was, 'Designed by the Incompetent; Issued by the Uncaring; Carried by the Unfortunate.'"

Royal Armouries: The SR-1M Pistol


Royal Armouries go through the features of the Russian Secret Service handgun, the SR-1M which also features a cake... “OK - we caved. For as long as we've been doing this series we've given our followers the chance to guess the weapon on social media before our video goes live. Without fail, there is always at least one person who guesses it's a hyper realistic cake (you know who you are).

When The AR15 Meets The Sten


Royal Armouries goes over the MFR from Olympic Arms and it uses the Sten magazine... "Why on earth did Olympic Arms develop its AR-15 to use magazines from THE Second World War era, British sub-machine gun? Join Jonathan as he pulls apart this ‘PCR’ (politically correct rifle) featuring an AR15 body and Sten magazine."

Golden Kalashnikov From Saddam Hussein's Iraq


For followers of history, one of the scenes in Saddam Hussein's dictatorship in Iraq is him wielding a golden AK. In this video the Royal Armouries walks you through its features... "Join Jonathan Ferguson as he reveals this Golden Kalashnikov's connections to a famous dictator and bloody conflict."

Attaching A Grenade Launcher To An MP5 Is Not Crazy


Royal Armouries got firearms expert Jonathan Ferguson to talk about attaching a grenade launcer to the beloved Heckler & Koch MP5 SMG in this video... "Attaching a highly explosive attachment to a short range weapon may at first glance seem like a recipe for disaster.

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