Silverback TAC-41P & Elite Force M110A1 At Amped Airsoft


Take your pick for your next Sniper Rifle or DMR once you're ready for milder weather conditions as both of these are available at Amped Airsoft... "Sniper or DMR? Spring time is right around the corner, which means more outdoor airsoft! The Silverback TAC 41P and Elite force M110A1 are great investments for outdoor play!

Who rocks one of these bad boys?"

Hyperdouraku On The Umarex HK M110A1 AEG


A video review by Mister Moro on the Umarex HK M110A1 AEG for Hyperdoouraku... "The M110A1 is based on the civilian 7.62mm semi-automatic rifle MR762 A1. It was adopted by the US Army in the CSASS trial in April 2016. Almost the same model, the G28, is also used by the German military as a marksman rifle. This electric gun is manufactured by Taiwan VFC, and combined with UMAREX's official HK license, it has a really cool finish."

KC Tactical: VFC M110A1 S-AEG


KC Tactical presents the VFC M110A1 S-AEG, which is a recommended airsoft rifle for those looking for a DMR. The HK M110 A1 is an American Heckler and Koch development of the HK417, produced by VFC as a realistic S-AEG DMR Airsoft replica in 6 mm caliber. The workmanship and materials used, including steel, CNC machined aircraft aluminum, and reinforced polymer for the pistol grip and shaft, are impressive. All markings are like the real markings, with weapon law markings placed discreetly next to the trigger.

REAPERs Airsoft: VFC/Umarex HK M110 A1 Version 2023


What are the improvements in the VFC/Umarex HK M110 A1 Version 2023? REAPERs Airsoft tries to find out in this comprehensive video review. The Heckler & Koch HK M110 A1 is a high-quality airsoft rifle modeled after the US military service rifle. It features a 455 mm long precision barrel, ambidextrous controls, and universal accessory compatibility. The rifle also comes with a removable iron sight and a 5-stage collapsible stock that accommodates various batteries. 

Umarex Heckler & Koch M110A1 CSASS AEG Gun Check


GsP Airsoft features the Umarex Heckler & Koch M110A1 CSASS AEG in this airsoft gun check episode. The HK M110 A1 is a full-metal S-AEG airsoft rifle based on the US military service rifle. It has a 455 mm long, 6.03 mm diameter precision barrel and an adjustable Shoot-up for accurate shooting. It can mount tracer and silencer units on the muzzle with M14x1 thread. It has an ambidextrous fire selector, bolt catch lever and magazine button.

The First M110 A1 SDMR Airsoft Replica In The World


Airsoft Lab presents the first M110 A1 SDMR Airsoft Replica in the world. This is a custom job rather than a mass produced airsoft rifle and uses the Tokyo Marui NGRS system for simulated blowback and recoil... "This is the first recorded M110 A1 SDMR Replica in the world. It's a conversion from a TM 417 NGRS. It shoots lasers at 2.2 Joules."

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