Blowback Industries' AGM MP-40 Gel Blaster Review


Another look at the AGM MP-40 Gel Blaster which has all the feautures of the AGM MP-40 AEG except that it fires gel balls. Blowback Industries give their take on this gel blaster... "So world war 2 gel blasters are slowly but surely making their way into the gel blaster community, and this one is no exception. The MP-40, used primarily by Nazi Germany in WW2, is finally here.

7 Steps To Fix Your GBB Pistol Magazine Feed Issues


Your gas pistol magazine not feeding properly? Blowback Industries shows you seven steps to resolve it and this goes for gel blaster gas pistols too... "So if you've been having issues with your gas blowback Airsoft/Gelsoft magazine, this should hopefully help you in diagnosing the problem."

Airsoft/Gel Blaster 1911 Stuck Hammer Fix


Blowback Industries put out this video to help owner of 1911 airsoft and gel ball gas blowback pistol fix the stuck hammer... "If you are like me and own a 1911, chances are that at some stage, you will come across this issue because either your 1911 needs a good clean, or there is a part that needs to be re-seated/replaced."

"Where Did Gel Blasters Come From?"


If you have been following our posts here about Gel Blasters, you would probably already get the idea that airsoft manufacturers, mainly based in China, are also behind the Gel Blasters as they share the same tech. Blowback Industries talk more about where Gel Blasters originate in this video and why they are popular in Australia...

Removing The WELL M92FS Blowback Unit


Blowback Industries show how to remove the WELL M92FS Blowback Unit whether the airsoft or gel blaster version... "This is for WELLS M9's, but may also be relevant to other brands too. Let me know if you have any questions on how to do this :) Happy to help!"

Nwell 92FS Beretta Co2 Gel Blaster


Blowback Industries give us a very quick overview of this CO2-powered Beretta 92FS Gel Ball Pistol from Nwell... "If you were wondering what this bad boy sounds/looks like, here ya go. Currently shoots around 300 fps, similar to other GBB's on the market, but nearly all metal, feels like the real deal!"

The Top 5 Gel Blasters According To Blowback Industries


If you are looking for Gel Blasters as alternative to of airsoft guns due to local restrictions on airsoft, here are some to consider according to Blowback Industries... "If you are struggling finding your first/next blaster, you have come to the right place! Head on over to our store to for all your Gel Blaster needs :D."

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