ICS Airsoft Goes For The T-Plug


The campaign to have airsoft manufacturers use the T-Plug for their AEGs got the latest recruit, According to Airsoft T-Plug, ICS Airsoft is the latest big brand manufacturer to join... "ICS launched their new CXP-ARK AEG model, and announced their support for our Airsoft T-Plug initiative! The CXP-ARK will be the first model, with many more to follow. We met Andrew Lai from ICS at Shot Show 2020, from there we worked with ICS to make this happen!"

Titan 3000mah Li-on Batteries At Airsoft Atlanta


Airsoft Atlanta got a delivery of 3000mah Li-on batteries from Titan Power with options for players to choose connectors such as Deans or Tamiya... "The new 3000mah Titan batteries assembled in the USA are here! 11.1v stick and nun-chuk sizes for your mosfet equipped AEGs. Newest batch with welded on connections, no puff, and high tech li-ion battery cells that charge on any standard lipo chargers or the official gettitanpower charger."

E&L T EL103K-S Paratrooper & More Arrivals At Gunfire


Get those fingers busy clicking for the new arrivals at the Gunfire online store. They've got the E&L Airsoft EL103K-S Paratrooper in stock. If you want more airsoft guns, they got new deliveries from CYMA and Krytac plus more parts and accessories to meet your needs... "Don't miss new deliveries from CYMA, GATE, Titan, Krytac and more.


Titan Digital Charger At SHOT Show


Airsoft Station shows the Titan Digital Charger that was on display at the SHOT Show 2020. This can charge Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries safely and it is a fast charging digital charger. Its Balance ports support the 7.4v, 11.1v, and 14.8v, which smart balances each individual cell to its maximum life.

Introduction To The Titan Power Academy


Titan Power launches a learning series for their products and Lithium-ion batteries. That should be helpful for owners of their products for use in AEGs... "Titan Power Academy is a series of videos dedicated to the education of all things Titan Power and Lithium-Ion in the airsoft power space."

Airsoftology With Titan Power At SHOT Show 2020


Titan Power had a presence at the SHOT Show 2020 and Airsoftology visits their booth to find out what the company's aim for the year 2020. Titan Power is known their line of Lithium Ion batteries for AEG use and are aggressively campaigning for making Deans connectors or T-Plugs as the standard for AEGs rather than Tamiya.

Airsoft.nu: Titan Power SHOT Show 2020


Slickaxe who works with Titan Power talks about the different Lithium Ion battery offerings for 2020 during the SHOT Show 2020. Video is from Airsoft.nu... "The battery manufacturer Titan Power had their products on display in Evike's booth at SHOT Show 2020."

Airsoft In 69 Seconds: Titan Power


Gunfire does a feature presentation done in 69 seconds and they feature the batteries from Titan Power. Titan Power is getting to be the go to brand for airsoft players around the world looking for Lithium Ion (Li-On) batteries... "Watch our quick presentation of new batteries and a charger from TITAN. Currently, three products await you at Gunfire.com. The full offer will be available very soon!"

IWA Outdoor Classics 2019 Airsoft Meetup: Titan Power


Titan Power show up for the first time at the Airsoft Meetup at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2019 to talk about the Li-On batteries they carry for airsoft. Li-Ion are nowadays recommended as they last longer and are safer to use with airsoft AEGs. Watch the video as they talk about the company and why airsoft players should go Li-Ion.

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