Laylax International In Okinawa


Just a month ago the new Laylax Interntional team with Ryan and Marck being the face, visited Okinawa to meet the airsoft community there as well as show how airsoft is in the island. Here are three videos of their adventure... "Welcome to episode 2 of our Airsoft Diaries where the team travels to the tropic island of Okinawa. In this episode, the team links up with the community down there at OAG Legion (Okinawa Airsoft Group) and talk about how its like playing there!"

Future of Airsoft in Okinawa Vlog


Many of you will know that Okinawa is part of Japan, though if you look at the map it's very from Mainland Japan that the island has distinct characteristics that it can call its very own, apart from the big US Military presence there. Airsoft is growing there, according to The Good Sir Knight in his blog as he talks about airsoft in the island, the LBT6094 Plate Carrier, and the Condor Battle Belt Gen II.

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07 Dec 2022

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