DIY Airsoft Carbon Fiber Suppressor


The Blind Sniper gives tips on how to build yoour own Carbon Fiber Suppressor for use in airsoft guns... "Here is another easy project for you; A carbon fiber, foam-filled suppressor for your airsoft gun! Its easier than you think and gives your suppressor/replica a sleek look!"

Making Your Airsoft Guns Extremely Quiet


The Crazy Tech got a tutorial in helping you create baffles for your mock suppressor and make your airsoft guns make less noise and become more stealthy in the field. You can download the files for 3D printing so you can make your own... "Today we will be having a look at how to install my 3D printed baffles into a suppressor."

How To Make Your Own Airsoft Suppressor


Backdraft Productions does a video showing how to make and paint an airsoft suppressor. Files are also included for you to download if you want to make one... "Today I show you how to test out an airsoft paint job on a homemade suppressor!

I wanted to put a suppressor on my airsoft gun, but they all cost so much that I decided to make my own! I realized that if I print multiple, I could test out some paint jobs before I put them on my gun."

EMG Gemtech ONE QD Mock Suppressor


Fully licensed EMG Gemtech ONE QD Mock Suppressor is available now at the online store... "The Gemtech ONE is by far one of the most versatile real rifle suppressor options out there. Covering an entire assortment of calibers, it sits right at home at the end of almost any rifle, from the 5.56 chambered M4 to the 7.62x39mm AK, even at the end of the big boys like .300 Winchester Magnum long rifles. Simply put, it looks badass and it fits most rifles out there.

3D Printed H8R Suppressor


Callsign: Reach show features a 3D printed H8R Barrel Extension/Mock Suppressor as well as his new homemade airsoft riot shield. The nice thing is that he provides a link where you 3D print it yourself if you want one... "This week, we had some cool stuff come across our desk that we wanted to share with you.

Angel Custom PBS-1 Mock Suppressor

OptimusPrime got in stock right now the Angel Custom PBS-1 Tracer-Compatible Mock Suppressor for Airsoft Rifles... "The Angel Custom PBS Mock Suppressor is a great way to add an aggressive look to your Airsoft rifle. The unit is compatible with the AceTech AT2000 tracer unit, simply drop in and you're ready to go! The PBS Mock Suppressor is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, and finished with a matte black anodization making it very durable and resistant to minor scratches & scuffs.

New Suppressor From ICS Aisoft?


Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology has started posting videos taken from Military, Outdoor and Airsoft (MOA) Exhibition 2018 that took place in Taipei last December. In this video, he checks what looks like to be a new offering from ICS Airsoft, a suppressor which of course can be a barrel extension or a tracer unit. But look at the inside, it looks like those are baffles. Find out what it is really in the video below:

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