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RA-Tech Magazine Gas Chamber Extension

RA-Tech are releasing a gas chamber extension for the the Glock gas magazine. Made of CNC'd aluminium, this increases the gas capacity of the GBB pistol. The increase is around 25%, which means more rounds can be squeezed off, especially if you use it as a Glock-style gas pistol as primary in a CQB game.

RA-Tech EMG SAI Tier 1 Upgrade Kit

RA-Tech show their EMG SAI Tier 1 Upgrade Kit that is available at the Airsoft Taiwan online store. Made for the VFC Glock 17 Gen 3 Gas Blowback Pistol it comes with a steel slide, steel outer barrel, trigger, safety, front sight with fibre optic, and rear sight. This kit costs US$400 when ordering from them.

RA-Tech Real Wood Stock For WE M14 GBB

Owners of the WE Airsoft M14 Gas Blowback Rifle can check this new item release from RA-Tech. It is an integrated full wood stock, allowing you to replace the faux wood that comes with the WE package, giving your M14 GBB a more realistic look and feel. Besides that, having the real wood feel with your airsoft M14 makes it better to hold.

EMG-SAI-RA-Tech Collaboration

EMG Arms in collaboration with Salient Arms International and RA-Tech are coming out with a new SAI BLU Gas Blowback Pistol. There are two versions of the SAI BLU and this looks like the standard version. The real deal SAI BLU has SAI Box Fluted Match Barrel which is Threaded and the SAI Solid Brass Backstrap. The airsoft version will be using the upgrade parts from RA-Tech and we hope the detail will be the same as the real deal.

RA-Tech KSC M11A1 Custom Kit

RA-Tech announce the availability of their body upgrade kit for the KSC M11A1 GBB Machine Pistol. This is based on the MAC-11, which is a more compact version of the Ingram MAC-10 SMG. Whilst the KSC is mainly made of plastic, the RA-Tech Kit is metal and also has markings engraved.

RA-Tech Desert Eagle Upgrade Parts

Before we have a preview of these parts, and now RA-Tech announce the upgrade parts for the Desert Eagle Gas Blowback Pistol are now available. Comprised of the hammer, trigger, safety lever, fire pin, disconnector, and lock pin. It is available in black and stainless versions and can fit the Cybergun Desert Eagle GBB Pistol.

RA-Tech Steel Outer Barrel For M1A1 GBB

A quick video from RA-Tech showing their Steel Outer Barrel for the Thompson M1A1 Gas Blowback SMG. This will make the handguard not wobble which happens with the default outer barrel. Available now, this can be used with the fully licensed Cybergun Thompsom M1A1 GBB OEM by WE Airsoft.

RA-Tech Tritium Sight For Glock Pistol

Another new product from RA-Tech, showing their new Tritium Sight, which they mistakenly call "Helium" sight in the video. Made for the Glock series, in particular the WE Airsoft and Tokyo Marui G-Series, it is a full set, comprising of a front sight and rear sight. These are made of steel and CNC-machined.

RA-Tech Thompson M1A1 GBB Walnut Kit

RA-Tech unveiled their new Walnut Kit for the Cybergun Thompson M1A1 GBB made by WE Airsoft... "RA-TECH released their Walnut Real Wood Kit for the WE M1A1 GBB in 2018. This kit which contains the handguard, grip and the stock as a set. This kit is perfectly compatible with WE M1A1 Thompson GBB so there is no problem for direct drop-in.

RA-Tech Custom Drum Mag & AR15 Pistol

RA-Tech announce their Custom GBB/HPA Drum Magazine for the WE AR Series. This means, they have modified a drum magazine where they tether it to an external HPA tank to power a WE Airsoft AR-style GBB. It works with their AR-15 Style Pistol based on the WE AR and comes with the M4 Forged Receiver 6061 and the RA-Tech Magnetic Locking NPAS Aluminium Loading Nozzle Set.