Gate Titan V3 MOSFET Installation Guide


Jaeger Precision put out this archived video showing you how to install the Gate Electronics Titan V3 MOSFET so you can focus on programming your AEG immediately after installation... "A quick guide on fitting a V3 Gate Titan. This was filmed a long time ago. Found it in the archives so decided to post it as it may help someone out there."

Perun MOSFET For P90 AEG Installation Guide


ASG Olsztyn got a lenghty video for P90 AEG owners as he install the Perun Airsoft MOSFET designed to fit the Tokyo Marui P90 AEG and compatible ones, which are usually clones. replaces trigger bar and mechanical contacts in your P90 replica and comes with a ton of features that makes the use of the P90 AEG even more fun.

Pheas Airsoft's Perun AUG MOSFET Unboxing


Perun Airsoft has already released a MOSFET for use with Steyr Aug AEGs and Pheas Airsoft got one to try. If you want to try it, watch the video for the installation... "Many thanks to Perun for  sending me this out to install, the install is not for the faint of heart, but what a difference it can make!

Check out the installation video link below."

Double Eagle AX15 AEG With Kestrel V2


Mokei Paddock tries out a Double Eagle AX15 AEG that is equipped with a Kestrel V2 ETU to find out how it performs... "Double Eagle electric gun AX//15 electronic trigger setting change and test firing. Download the dedicated app from the attached manual and change the settings with the app by connecting the electronic trigger and smartphone via Bluetooth.

DTW Airsoft's Kestrel V2 Optical MOSFET Review


Is the GATE Titan going to be dethroned by the Kestrel V2 Optical MOSFET? DTW Airsoft looks at this MOSFET that is getting attention amongst airsoft players... "This time im taking a look at the Eshooter Kesterel V2 optical mosfet. This optical airsoft mosfet is meant to be a drop in replacement electronic trigger unit (ETU) giving you all the fun and programambility that is offered to you from a Gate Titan.

PERUN ETU For Tokyo Marui P90 AEG & Clones


L'antre Du Dingo checks out the recently released ETU from Perun Airsoft designed for the Tokyo Marui P90.  It is also compatible with other Tokyo Marui P90 clones such as the ACMs, Asia Tactical, Classic Army, Cybergun, CYMA, J Tactical, and JG. It is incompatible with G&G and Krytac P90s perhaps due to their having their ETUs/MOSFETs.

Desert Eagle .50AE Lipo MOSFET AEP


Destockage Games' product presentation features the Desert Eagle .50AE AEP that is Lipo-ready and equipped with a MOSFET... "Here is the famous DESERT EAGLE .50AE under Magnum Research license! This AEP is equipped with a mosfet and a reinforced internal. A 7.4v - 550mAh LiPO battery is supplied. Full metal, semi and full-automatic, adjustable hop-up...

Why You Should Install MOSFETs


Krale Airsoft talks about what MOSFETs are all about and why you have one installed on your AEG if does not have one yet... "Mosfets, you've probably heard or read about it before. A part in AEG airsoft replicas that has quite a few functions. But what exactly are these functions and why should you install one?

KWA EVE-4 x Gate Titan Upgrade Gameplay


Valiant Airsoft does a review of the KWA EVE-4 with the Gate Titan MOSFET upgrade and takes it to game to find out how it performs in actual airsoft skirmishes... "A Gate Titan mosfet turns KWA's already respectable and budget friendly rifle into a SpeedQB and indoor airsoft monster."

Verage Airsoft: Perun V3 Hybrid Installation


Verage Airsoft shows how to install the Perun V3 Hybrid MOSFET on the ICS CXP-ARK AEG... "Installing the Perun V3 Hybrid was a lot of fun. It was my first mosfet installation and it is was so easy that I want to do it again.

Perun has made an amazing manual to follow and if you do just that, everything will work out.

In this video I follow along the manual while installing the mosfet. I go over the things that were easy and some things that I had to think twice."

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