Kraken Airsoft's Custom Airsoft M870 Build


A custom airsoft M870 HPA shotgun equipped with a tracer unit, is presented by Kraken Airsoft... "Today we hit the field at Siege airsoft to review my new custom Matador CSG MAX shotgun, equipped with the PCU Tokyo Marui M870 breacher tracer unit.

As well as being HPA tapped, This thing is an absolute blast to game with!"

Gamergasm: The £400 Airsoft Shotgun That You Will Want


Gamergasm shows why the Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas Shotgun is the airsoft shotgun that you want in this video... "Hello guys it's Gamergasm here and welcome back to another episode of Gamergasm IRL, in today's video we are back at biohazard airsoft with yet another Airsoft Gameplay video. In this video, we use the Tokyo Mauri M870 Gas Shotgun that is currently shooting at 321 fps on green gas and 0.25g bbs. But be warned because this video will make you want a £400 airsoft gas Shotgun...

Geonox Airsoft's Golden Eagle M870 Shotgun Review


Affordable Golden Eagle M879 airsoft shotgun gets the scrutiny of Geonox Airsoft... "In this video I show you the M870 from Golden Eagle. There are plastic spring loaded shotguns. And you can have a lot of fun with them. But if you've ever had a metal pump gun in your hand, you don't want to go back to plastic.

VFC Fabarm STF12 & Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Shorty Comparison


The Target-1 Shooting Range in Japan does a comparison of the VFC FABARM STF12 & Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Shorty to see which is better. It is said that the VFC shotgun is based on the Tokyo Marui gas shotgun tech (just like other new airsoft gas shotguns) so will it be comparible or offers something better? Watch the video.

Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher Gas Shotgun Review


Mach Sakai reviews the most compact in the M870 gas shotgun series from Tokyo Marui, the M870 Breacher. Popular for those who want shotguns to use in CQB games, this has been in the market for years now and still going strong. He checks it for operations, externals and as always, its performance in mini steel challenge.

Mach Sakai: Maruzen Remington M870 Wood Stock Version


Mach Sakai scrutinizes the Maruzen Remington M870 Wood Stock Version airsoft shotgun. The original Maruzen Remington M870 was introduced about 2 decades ago and is a gas-powered, shell-ejecting and pump action airsoft shotgun. This usually comes with 3 shells and weighs around 2.6kg.

PPS M870 Shell-Ejecting "Pirate" Airsoft Shotgun


More shell-ejecting airsoft shotguns to choose from and in this video by SoulBreaker, he goes over the PPS M870 Shell-Ejecting "Pirate" Airsoft Shotgun which has been available for some years now... "We continue the series of review remakes with this M870 'Shell ejecting' from PPS. A replica which, despite far from extraordinary performance, is super fun to use."

Shell Ejecting Maruzen M870 Shotgun Gameplay


P.O. 【GBBリアカンサバゲー】got another gameplay video showing the Maruzen M870 Shotgun in action... "This time, I participated in a game with the Maruzen's shotgun, which is a lovely to use in Sabage! When you shoot, the shell will be ejected! It seems that you can reload the gun just like the real tthingk. About 5 years ago, I bought a different Maruzen airsoft shotgun, but it's not so much just to squeak in the house, but I'm never though of taking it to Sabage.

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