Geonox Airsoft: Golden Eagle M870


Another airsoft M870, the Golden Eagle M870 that that gets reviewed by Geonox Airsoft in this video... "In this video we take a look at the Golden Eagle M870 Airsoft Shotgun. It runs on gas. It is nice and small, handy and compact. We have a lot of metal and it is very robust. You can use it to tidy up the building, especially in rooms and corridors. A highlight is that you can switch from 3 shots to 6 shots."

"The Best Airsoft Shotgun?"


Is the Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher Gas Shotgun the best airsoft shotgun? Maydaysan Airsoft gets one to take it through its paces in his review... "Today we debut the best airsoft shotgun on the market, The Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher! In Airsoft, shotgun gamplays are not very prominent, but I plan to give you more shotgun goodness from Japan!"

Maydaysan Airsoft Unboxes The Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical


Not a new product but still a best selling airsoft shotgun from Tokyo Marui, Maydaysan Airsoft got one for him to have fun with... "Today we unbox and review the Tokyo Marui m870 Airsoft Shotgun! In this review, we go over the overall impression, test it out a bit and just have some fun! This airsoft shotgun is gas powered so the m870 clack is SUPREME. Enjoy this M870 Airsoft Shotgun Review!"

BB2K Airsoft: CYMA Remington M870 LEO Police Shotgun


Bruce of BB2K Airsoft will be going over the CYMA CM352 airsoft shotgun that is based on the Remington M870 LEO... "The M870 is a pump action shotgun made by the US gun manufacturer Remington Arms. The shotgun is one of the most famous and widely used shotguns in the world.

A Comparison Of Airsoft M870 Remingtons


Airsoft-RUS compares the M870 airsoft shotguns that they have available at their store. The have the short version, Magpul edition, plastic version, metal version and different colour choices. All these M870s they have are made by CYMA and are mainly tri-shots based on the original Marui airsoft tri-shot tech.

Rock Bottom Airsoft: CYMA M870 Springer


Rock Bottom Airsoft goes over one of the tri-shot springer airsoft shotguns, the CYMA M870... "In this video we have a look at one of my Airsoft replicas the Cyma M870 spring powered tri-shot shotgun. This is from the CM.350 series and in this case is full metal. This particular tri-shot includes replica Magpul furniture.

Custom HPA-Tapped Tokyo Marui M870 Airsoft Shotgun


Wyhaq shows his custom Tokyo Marui M870 which he turned into an HPA-powered airsoft shotgun... "In this video, I show off my custom tokyo marui m870 hpa tapped airsoft replica. This is the full size cut to length, this is not the breacher. This is a great option for milsim and speedsoft speedqb competitions and tournaments."

Kraken Airsoft's Custom Airsoft M870 Build


A custom airsoft M870 HPA shotgun equipped with a tracer unit, is presented by Kraken Airsoft... "Today we hit the field at Siege airsoft to review my new custom Matador CSG MAX shotgun, equipped with the PCU Tokyo Marui M870 breacher tracer unit.

As well as being HPA tapped, This thing is an absolute blast to game with!"

Gamergasm: The £400 Airsoft Shotgun That You Will Want


Gamergasm shows why the Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas Shotgun is the airsoft shotgun that you want in this video... "Hello guys it's Gamergasm here and welcome back to another episode of Gamergasm IRL, in today's video we are back at biohazard airsoft with yet another Airsoft Gameplay video. In this video, we use the Tokyo Mauri M870 Gas Shotgun that is currently shooting at 321 fps on green gas and 0.25g bbs. But be warned because this video will make you want a £400 airsoft gas Shotgun...

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