3D-Printed Shotgun Pistol Kit for PPS M870 Shell


HamburgerFPS advocates for the 3D Printed Shotgun Pistol Kit for PPS M870 Shell as an optimal solution to the issues of unwieldy shotgun pistol holsters and reloading. This kit eliminates the need for screws or pins, requiring only super glue for assembly, thereby streamlining the process and enhancing convenience.

CYMA M870 Short CM357 Shotgun Magpul


A quick overview by Pnevmat24 of this airsoft tri-shot shotgun from CYMA. This airsoft shotgun with an injection-moulded polymer receiver, action, and Magpul style furniture. It features a metal barrel assembly and a pump-action design that chambers three rounds with each pump. The tri-shot design fires three BBs with each trigger pull, making it ideal for CQB scenarios.

Red Hornet Custom Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher


Valiant Airsoft is terrified of the performance of Red Hornet Custom Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher airsoft shotgun. Watch the video to make your own conclusions... "In this video I take my new Tokyo Marui Breacher (325 fps on .20g) out for a spin at Project N1. Check the link below if you'd like to get one of these for yourself!"

Nonocat With The Acetech Quark-R Bifrost Tracer Unit For Tokyo Marui M870


Nonocat gives her take on the Acetech Quark-R Bifrost Tracer Unit made for use on the Tokyo Marui M870 airsoft shotgun... "Since Acetech released the Quark-K for the Marui KSG, everyone have been asking for a M870 Bifrost... Well, all prayers have been answered graciously with a much solid and adaptable unit for one of the most used Airsoft shotguns!

ACETech M870 Dedicated Illuminator


For owners of the Tokyo Marui M870 gas shotgun series RST shows the ACE TECH M870 Dedicated Illuminator that can be mounted on these and otther compatible airsoft shotguns... "Made in Taiwan, ACE TECH m870 special illuminator is suitable for barrel diameter 23-23.5mm. (Marui M870 / M870 Breacher / A&K M870 / Golden Eagle M870) Multi-color flame (Bifrost) effect. Suitable for green and red luminous BB bombs and standard BB bombs. Highly durable aluminum alloy construction."

Testing The APS M870 SAI Mark 3 Airsoft Shotgun


Timerzanov Airsoft does a test of the realistic operating APS M870 SAI Mark 3 airsoft shotgun in this video... "Hello everyone ! Today I have a special video for you! I offer you the test of a somewhat special airsoft shotgun. Here is the M870 SAI MK3 from APS. A replica shotgun with ejectable cartridges with a realistic effect. In this video @VincAAB and @l.a.d.dlairsofteurdudimanc4404 came to tell you about it in person. In short, I let you discover this on video!

Mach Sakai With The Maruzen M870 WS-EX Woodstock Extension Custom


The shell ejecting M870 WS-EX Woodstock Extension Custom shotgun from gets inspected by Mach Sakai. Based on the shotgun used by many LEOs around the world, this airsoft shotgun is powered with HFC134a and can hold 6 shields at a time with one shell having 3 BBs inside. You can load more BBs inside the shell but you get less power.

Mach Sakai: S&T M870 Silver Short Marine Magnum


Another look at the S&T M870 Silver Short Marine Magnum, this time by Mach Sakai. This is a pump action spring airsoft shotgun that has a full metal receiver and polymer grip and furniture. It comes with 21-BB round magazine and has built-on sling adapters. Check out how it performs in the video.

Best Airsoft Shotgun In A Game


Maydaysan Airsoft finds the Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas Shotgun to be the best airsoft shotgun in the market by using as proof of taking everyone in a game somewhere in Japan... "What is the best airsoft shotgun? Is it the M870? This airsoft shotgun is certainly a treat, albeit long. But Shotgun gameplay in airsoft is hard to come by, so here ya go!"

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