Shell Ejecting Maruzen M870 Shotgun Gameplay


P.O. 【GBBリアカンサバゲー】got another gameplay video showing the Maruzen M870 Shotgun in action... "This time, I participated in a game with the Maruzen's shotgun, which is a lovely to use in Sabage! When you shoot, the shell will be ejected! It seems that you can reload the gun just like the real tthingk. About 5 years ago, I bought a different Maruzen airsoft shotgun, but it's not so much just to squeak in the house, but I'm never though of taking it to Sabage.

Mach Sakai Tests The Maruzen M870 BV Airsoft Shotgun


If you are looking fo another shell-ejecting airsoft shotgun, then check out the Maruzen M870 BV. A pump action gas operated shotgun, it can have 4 shells inserted plus 1 in the chamber. Each shotgun shell can contain up to 3 BBs which is a bit disappointing, though you get 3 shells in the package. Mach Sakai checks it out in this quick video review.

Joe Toys: CYMA M870 Spring Airsoft Shotgun


Joe Toys show the fine features of the springer airsoft M870 shotgun made by CYMA... "A pump-action springer shotgun with a dozen BB bullets. It is produced by CYMA and can be used with MARUI SUPER 90 cartridges. The price is very low. It is a good choice for novice players, and the performance cannot be underestimated."

HPA-Powered Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Shotgun


The Airsoft CamMan goes into action with a custom HPA-powered Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Shotgun... "This week some CQB action in the container yard of Battletown, and it's the first time using my new HPA Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Shotgun.

The M870 is a pump action and can either be set to 3rnd or 6rnd per shot. Each shell holds 30 bbs."

Damascus Airsoft On The CYMA M870 Shotgun


Another review of the full metal CYMA M870 airsoft shotgun done by Damascus Airsoft this time... "This video we're taking a look at the CYMA M870 Full Metal Shotgun. This shotgun was lent to me by my good friend Caleb that was in the video so I could make this review. This shotgun is a great alternative for anybody that’s trying to change things up in you airsoft game for a low price tag. Hope you guys like it!"

M870 Airsoft Shotgun OLED Shot Counter


It's fascinating to have shot counters in airsoft guns though you might be more curious on how shot counters work on shotguns, Flatox has a quick demo with one... "Golden Eagle M870 'short' gas replica (airsoft) with integrated OLED shot counter."

The Salty Old Gamer With The CYMA M870 Shotgun


A well-loved tri-shot springer shotgun, the CYMA M870 airsoft shotgun gets reviewed by the Salty Old Gamer... "Taking a look at the CYMA Standard Full Metal M870 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun, aka the CYMA CM.351. It's spring powered, but has a great reputation. Let's see if it lives up to it."

Golden Eagle M870 Gas Shotgun Review


BB-Ballistics doess a review of the Golden Eagle M870 gas powered airsoft shotgun, and includes shooting tests as well. Will it give the Tokyo Marui M870 gas airsoft shotgun a run for its money? Find out in the video... "This beautiful M870 Gas powered Airsoft Shotgun is a solid bit of kit! Join us as we review this M870 and put some rounds down range..."

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