TacToys: M249 SAW V4 Gel Blaster


Australian Gel Blaster retailer, TacToys, shows us an M249 SAW Gel Blaster, which of course, is legal to sell and use in the Land Down Under... "In this video, we do a quick overview on the SAW V4 that has just been released! TacToys is an Australian Gel Blaster Shop. We specialise in sales, repairs and modification."

Quarantine Boredom Project: Painting An M249 AEG


If you're holed up at home as lockdown due to the pandemic is still very much in force with nothing to do, then here is a project that you might want to do --- giving an M249 AEG a paintjob provided that you have one and the tools to do it, or else you might have to order these online first. DRZ Productions show you how to do this project...

Hyperdouraku: S&T M249 Para Sportsline AEG


Gentaro Toi reviews an affordable M249 AEG from S&T for Hyperdouraku... "Chinese manufacturer S&T has introduced M249 PARA on the sportsline. The sportsline is a model with a reasonable price range with a resin body for entry. It's not a toy for children, but the electric gun for those over 18 years old has been used to recreate the appearance.

Evike.com: Cybergun FN M249 AEG In Tan


Tired of airsoft M249s in black? Good thing a tan version of the Cybergun FN M249 AEG is available and Evike.com got it in stock... "It's an FN good time here today with the Cybergun licensed FN Mk46 M249 Full Metal SAW AEG.

Oh! And did we mention the box mag carries 2,500 rounds?!

Available right now in Tan or Black, right here at Evike.com.


Cybergun Lightweight Nylon Minimi Shooting Test


Here is the test done by L'Antre du Dingo of the Cybergun Lightweight M249 AEG that is mainly made of Nylon Polymer to keep the weight done... "Cybergun has always relied on these partnerships to provide content more or less qualitative. Despite the loss of several large licenses in the past two years, they retain the right to replicate the weapons of Fabrique Nationale Herstal (FNH).

Installing A PolarStar Jack Into An M249


Putting an HPA engine into an support airsoft gun can be a good option if you want fewer moving parts and not bothered by having a line tethered to an outside HPA tank. In this video, BattleMonkeys Airsoft shows how to install the PolarStar Jack HPA Engine into an A&K M249.

You can click here to know the parts list that you need to the HPA conversion.

Airsoft M249 LMG In "Foliage Ambush" Camo


Team Reaper Actual Airsoft shows you how to paint your M249 in "Foliage Camo" and did an actual test on how it blends in the playing environment they are in... "Giving the M249 a paint job so it dosnt stick out so much out on the field. I wanted to document the process and also wanted to show how well it blends to different environments."

M249 Featherweight AEG At Airsoft Station


The licensed FN Herstal M249 Para Lightweight AEG from Cybergun which is made mainly of nylon fibre to make it lighter, is available right now at Airsoft Station... "Provide cover fire for your teammates and rain BBs on your enemies with the new Fn Herstal M249 'Featherweight' LMG Airsoft Rifle from Cybergun. The innovative minds at Cybergun took upon themselves to come up with a high powered LMG that weighs only about 50% of what its’ full metal counterpart weighs.

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