The ASG Storm 360 Airsoft Grenades


Available in the market for some time now, Action Sport Games (ASG) took time to do a quick video detailing their Storm 360 Airsoft Grenades... "The highly popular ActionSportGames Storm Grenade 360 has been the go-to ‘room clearer’ for CQB airsofters world-wide since its launch. It’s innovative ‘bounce and spray’ system means maximum BB coverage in a small package at a great price.

Salty Old Gamer: T238 MKIII Airsoft Grenade


Salty Old Gamer checks a springer airsoft grenade in the form of the T2328 MKIII if it is more than enough for some good ole room clearing... "Taking a look at that orange and black spring powered airsoft grenade. You know the one we're talking about. You see it everywhere under half a dozen different brands, and marketed on half a dozen different sites. Is it sh*t? Watch to find out."

JM M26 A2 Gel Ball Grenade Review


TacToys of Australia goes over the JM M26 A2 Gel Ball Grenade that is legal to use in the Land Down Under (and probably where airsoft is legal as well)... "In this video, we do a quick overview on the JM M26 A2 Gel Ball Grenade! Extremely well built, tough and durable ABS Construction it is a reusable design that only needs 5 second to reset. No gas or batteries required.

Review Of HillBilly's Airsoft Grenade Collection


Recon Moose and HillBilly go over the latter's airsoft grenade collection... "In this video, HillBilly and I review some airsoft grenades. I give my thoughts about my favorites towards the end, and reveal more information regarding our first giveaway at 250 Subscribers. We will cover grenades that are spring powered, gas powered, or are hot start."

Curlys Airsoft: $20 Homemade Airsoft Grenade


Curlys Airsoft shows you how to make your own airsoft hand grenade in this video... "This is my how to video for the Mk-7 BFG. I searched far and wide for a good DIY video for a decent airsoft grenade and when I came up short I felt like I needed to make one so here it is. I do sell them and encourage people to buy one over making your own because it helps me continue to experiment and improve on the design.

TAGinn TAG-19 Pyro Grenades At


The Pyro TAG-19 Grenade from TAGinn is in stock at "This MilSim pyrotechnical hand grenade has the well-known RGD5 Russian frag grenade shape.

As well as TAG67 grenade, it has multiple biodegradable BBs mixed with the PEG component in order to avoid noises of shaking BBs inside the polyurethane body. Our standard pyrotechnical element provides an even spread of fragments with 10-12 meters.

StratAIM Epsilon BB Airsoft Training Grenade Tutorial


Tutorial from StratAIM on using their Epsilon Airsoft Training Grenade. This is now available to order at their store... "An assemble and disassemble tutorial for the StratAIM Epsilon bb airsoft training grenade. This is the best airsoft bb grenade in the market right now. Great spread and works always.

We made a very clear tutorial video about how to assemble the training grenade and find any problems if you get one."

StratAIM EPSILON Training Grenade In Action


StatAIM posted a video for their EPSILON Training Grenade. This airsoft grenade has a capacity of 106 BBs and expelled at around 200fps upon impact... "Our EPSILON training grenade used for airsoft and training. It works everywhere and is durable as f**k with over 100 bbs and 200 fps!"

AI Tornado 2 Vs. ASG Storm360


So which is the best airsoft grenade in the market? Airsoft Innovations compare their own product, the Tornado 2 Airsoft Timer Frag Grenade against the Storm360 from Action Sport Games (ASG) to prove that theirs is better... "This video explains why the Tornado 2 is the best Airsoft grenade on the market."

Airsoft Innovations Bang 22 Timer Sound Grenade


Here is the official video from Airsoft Innovations on their new Bang 22 Timer Sound Grenade... "Airsoft Innovations is proud to launch the Bang 22 Timer Sound Grenade.

This unique device uses super common powder nail driving cartridges (NOT BLANKS) to give some of the LOUDEST bangs in airsoft! It uses our simple and reliable 3-position selectable timer, full metal construction, it's super easy to use, and doesn't require any maintenance!

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