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GBR Spring Powered Airsoft Grenade Review

Thai airsoft reviewer, Mr. Maxbot, shows us the GBR Airsoft Grenade. A reuseable spring powered grenade, it is made of ABS and can be made ready in several seconds again. It has a capacity of 160 BBs and has a "blast" radius of 5 metres. To operate, just pull out the safety pin and throw, it will release the BBs upon impact.

0'20 Magazine: E-RAZ Impact Airsoft Grenade

Looks like France is getting to be the centre of airsoft grenade development. 0'20 Magazine present another one from that country, the E-Raz Impact Airsoft Grenade made by Z-Parts. This is a fast reload, one-piece high density polymer gas-powered impact grenade and has 36-degree dispersion of BBs upon impact. It has a capacity of 100BBs and can fit a 40mm grenade pouch even it is 52mm in diametre.

RWTV: Goods Things From France

There are a lot fine things from France, and for RedWolf Airsoft TV, one of these is the Avatar Airsoft Grenade which is designed and produced in France... "We can always name a list of fancy stuff from France like wine, handbags, vodka, perfume, foie gras, and of course AVATAR.

Airsoft Innovations New Master Mike

Following in the footsteps of the controversial 40 Mike 40mm Gas Grenade Shell, Airsoft Innovations announce the Master Mike and it will be on display at the SHOT Show 2019... "We've been showing off the exciting NEW Master Mike 40mm shell at ShotShow 2019 and now you too can see what it's all about!

Visit us at the Valken booth #3826 to see it in the flesh!"

GBR Airsoft Spring Powered Grenade

TWairsofter demonstrates a spring-powered grenade from GBR Airsoft. This is priced at US$21 by Hong Kong retailers and can hold up to 130 BBs and you can reuse the used BBs. It is easy to reset and when thrown it has a 5-8 metre BB-blast radius. No need for pyros or gas to use this.

Sniper-AS: The Big Airsoft Grenade Test

So which gives the most "bang" for the buck? Watch this video from Sniper-AS as they do an airsoft grenade test... "Hey guys, grenades are in Airsoft for a long time an article you always need. Whether it's smoke, sound or BB grenades, everything you need is sometimes less. Smoke can be used to perform a retreat, for example, or to take the opponent's view. Sound serves to "stun" the opponent for a short time in order to approach him more effectively and faster.

How ASG STORM360 Grenades Are Made

Antre du Dingo Dingchavez gets to visit the place where the ASG Storm360 Airsoft Grenades are made in France... "I was lucky enough to visit Storm Airsoft workshop and see the whole building process. Come with me and discover this 100% French-made product! Sorry for my English, especially my pronunciation of 'percent'."

APS Thunder B CO2 Grenades Howto

In this video, Matt shows how to use the APS/Hakkotsu Thunder B CO2 Sound Grenade. These have disposable shells and available at "Hakkotsu Thunder B grenades have been the industry leading standard in non-pyrotechnic simulation grenade / distraction devices for years. Thunder B grenades use a safety pin / spoon design very similar to a real grenade, with no shrapnel and no pyrotechnics, providing an effective low-impact burst.

How Not To Lose Airsoft Grenade Rings

Reusable airsoft grenades with more realistic operations, that is, with the rings, tend to have their rings lost after the grenade gets tossed. Either one has to buy new rings or perhaps even a full set again. In this video, Airsoft Review en Español shows you how to lose the ring using a simple method that is used with our pistols, having a lanyard.

Kim-Kit For Kimera Airsoft Grenade

Airsoft Review en Español shows you the Kim Kit for Kimera Airsoft Grenade. This is an improvement for the product that produces a loud detonation sound of up to 120dB. This comes witha a new power break pad, 6 rubber patches, o-ring, and closing disc. Kimera Grenade not included in the package.