RWTV On The AI Tornado 2 Grenade


RedWolf Airsoft TV's Marck asks if the Airsoft Innovations Tornado 2 is the final evolution of airsoft grenades. Find out in this RWTV episode... "The Tornado 2 is the most powerful reusable airsoft grenade ever created. It contains a simple reliable timer, requires no disassembly and features tough full metal construction. It fires 200 BBs (more than any other airsoft grenade) at a blistering 240 FPS (more than 2x the velocity of all airsoft grenades) in a full 360° spread


AI Tornado 2 Grenade Review By Valken


The timer airsoft frag grenade from Airsoft Innovations, the Tornado 2, gets reviewed by Peltast and Kaiju in this video. It can use propane or green gas and has a maximumm capacity of 200 BBs and are expelled at 240fps upon "detonation". It can fit standard M4 pouches and it is available right now at the Valken Tactical online store.

PewTubers Anonymous: AI Tornado 2


Is the Airsoft Innovations Tornado 2 Grenade the future of airsoft grenades? Watch PewTubers Anonymous review the product and answer the question themselves... "After much testing, here is my review of the Airsoft Innovations Tornado 2 grenade! Honest opinion? This is my new favorite airsoft grenade by far, and I would highly recommend picking one up.

Airsoft Station's AI Tornado 2 Review


Airsoft Station got the Airsoft Innovation's Tornado 2 Grenade in stock, but what do they think about it? Here is a video review they did... "Easily clear out a whole room of enemies with the most powerful reusable airsoft grenade available on the market today, the Tornado 2 Timer Frag Grenade from Airsoft Innovations. This airsoft grenade is constructed fully from tough metal for maximum durability and reliability despite heavy use.

AI Tornado 2 At Airsoft Atlanta


The Airsoft Innovations Tornado 2 Grenade is available at Airsoft Atlanta and in this video they do a quick video review and test... "A review and demo of the new 2019 Airsoft Inovations Tornado 2 Grenade. This is a beast of a grenade and super simple to use! No crazy parts to reassemble or lose. There is a trick to loading its BBs, you have to shake them into place carefully. But it's easy. A very reliable mechanical pressure timer system that works like a charm.

Airsoftjunkiez: TAGInn Product Demo


Better act quickly if you want to refreshen your supplies of TAGInn airsoft pyros and launchers as Airsoftjunkiez have limited supplies left as players gobble up what they have available in store for airsoft events. For those going to Op Northern Watch that will be hosted by Doomsday Airsoft in December, they better load up with these as they will be allowed for use at the event.

Laylax: AI Tornado 2 Timer Operation


A demonstration of the new Airsoft Innovations Tornado 2 Gas Grenade which has a timer feature. Laylax has this in stock for the Japanese market and it comes with a Japanese instruction manual... "It is a timed grenade 'AIRSOFT INNOVATIONS TORNADO2' that spreads 200 BB bullets over a wide range of 360 degrees."

WoSport Pilot Mask Upgraded Steel Mesh


The WoSport Pilot Mask gets its steel mesh upgraded. Available in Black, Multicam Black, Multicam, OD, Tan, and Grey, the components can be detached and used separately. According to WoSport, this has passed the ANSI Z80.3 drop ball test and at a temperature of -10℃~42℃, the critical impact velocity to scratch the lens is 310FPS, the critical impact energy to break the lens is more than 3 joules.

AI Tornado 2 Grenade vs Baseball Bat


Airsoft Innovations' latest product, the Tornado 2, the second version of their famous Tornado grenade is now in stock and in this video they prove that is tough enough to be reused over and over again. The test is simple, they use a baseball bat prove it is durable... "See how much abuse the Tornado 2 Timer Frag Grenade can take!"

ICS MGL Grenade Launcher With 40 Mike


Trifecta Airsoft tests some 40mm gas shells from Airsoft Innovations and King Arms with the ICS Airsoft MGL... "Grenade Launcher by ICS works great. The grenades are what makes the difference. 40 mike shoots great, but broke on the first use, the Master mike broke before we could shoot it, and the King Arms 'nades are made very well and performed great, just very low fps, but great for CQB and room clearing.

Thank you for watching!"

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