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eHobby Asia

eHobby Asia Newly Released Products

With their End of Season Sale ongoing, eHobby Asia also announce newly released products now in stock at their online store. The new arrivals are from G&P, Ares Airsoft's Amoeba brand, eHobby Asia Custom (EAC), WinGun, 5.11 Tactical, Army Force, and 5KU. Just click the links below to learn more.

G&P MOTS II 12.5 Phantom AEG

2 Sales Promo Events At eHobby Asia

Here are more chances in purchasing airsoft guns, weapons accessories, and 5.11 Tactical gear at eHobby Asia as they are having two sale promos. The first one is their Season End Sale Promo where you get 10% off airsoft guns and accessories. The second one is their 5.11 Tactical Urban EDC Promo and you can get up to 20% off 5.11 Tactical Gear.

"Season End Sale Promotion:

eHobby Asia Custom Guns & More Available

For this week's product news from eHobby Asia, they release three custom guns from EAC based on airsoft guns from GHK and LCT Airsoft as well as the availability of the new WE Airsoft M4 Double Gas Magazine for more BB capacity with your M4 GBB rifle. They also have in stock the G&P Signature Receiver and five items from 5.11 Tactical. Check the links below to learn more:

GHK RPK GBB Back At eHobby Asia

If you like what you see in the GHK RPK Gas Blowback Rifle, better be prepared to shell out US$580 as this is available right now at eHobby Asia... "Impressive RPK Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle by GHK! Grab it on hand you will feel the solid steel construction with real wood furniture just like holding a real RPK . It is 90% made of steel and it has side rail design, added steel fire control external part and steel buffer recoil.

eHobby Asia Announce Clearance Sale

Find out what items that you can get at 70% off as eHobby Asia are having a Clearance Sale. There over 400 items available right now at their online store so better go now and see what you can have at a good bargain as some items have 70% off shaved off their prices. Best to see for yourself by clicking the link.

eHobby Asia Summer Sales Is Still On

You haven't missed it yet, the eHobby Asia Summer Sales 2017 Promo. Take advantage of the discounts made available by the Hong Kong based airsoft retailer as they take 10% off the prices of airsoft guns and accessories. If you find an EA Deal, you might get lucky to have 70% off the price so better start browsing their online store for more deals.

eHobby Asia: LCT, APS & More Products

It's that part of the week in which we get to hear about new arrivals at eHobby Asia. They got two AEGs from LCT Airsoft, an MP7-like AEG from Well, a GBB from G&P, and pistos from APS, Army Armament, and Kokusai. Check them out by clicking on the links before, including the link tot he Burris Illuminated Riflescope.

eHobby Asia: New Army Armament R30s

It looks like Army Armament are getting a bit more creative with their offerings given that airsoft manufactures are just putting out design tweaks on airsoft guns. eHobby Asia posted photos of two Army Armament R30s which are 1911 Gas Blowback Pistols that have their slides cut for some patterns with one which is curiously looks like a KeyMod. No idea what R30 versions they are called, but we'll probably know soon enough as soon as eHobby Asia got them in stock.

The Summer Heat Is On At eHobby Asia

If you haven't heard about it, here it is again. eHobby Asia are having their Summer Sales Event where you get 10% off on airsoft guns and 15% of accessories. If you get lucky and find an EA Deal, you might get up to 70% off the price of the item you want... "This limited-number offer is only available while stock lasts, don't miss it.

Terms and Conditions:

60% Off Obliterator HDDP Viral Mod1

The Obliterator HDDP Viral Mod1 Uniform and Hat (MK7) are at 60% off right now at eHobby Asia... "The MK7 is a versatile camouflage that focuse on the ability to look different according to ambient light and color in jungle environments. When the MK7 is close to /under green or brown ambience, it will appear to be closer to that color by utilizing the way the human eye sees and percieves color groups.