Patrol Base's Comparison Of Rigs


Stu goes over several types of rigs for airsoft use in this livestreamed video of Patrol Base. They have a good number in stock from brands such as Viper Tactical, 8Fields Tactical, Emerson Gear, Kombat.UK, Nuprol, and Invader Gear that you can check at their online store.

Emerson Gear Mayflower-Style UW Chest Rig Gen IV


Black Winter Airsoft does a full review of the Emerson Gear Mayflower-Style UW Chest Rig Gen IV, which is of course a replica for airsoft/cosplay use. Made of 500D Cordura is water repellent and abrasion resistance and can carry up to six 5.56 magazines and up to 4 pistol magazines.

Bigfoot MK3 Chest Rig Chassis Pouch Review


The Hako Channel Vlog gives a walkthrough of the Bigfoot MK3 Chest Rig Chassis Pouch... "Hello, this is Hako! This time it will be a video introducing the equipment! A chest rig that is not as bulky as a plate carrier and can carry a sufficient amount of spare magazines for Sabage. I think this equipment is highly recommended for those who want to emphasize light weight and compactness!"

Helikon-Tex Rigs At Tanie Militaria


Tanie Militaria feature the Training Mini Rig (TMR) and the Competition MultiGun Rig from Helikon-Tex that they have available at their store. These compact rigs that can be configured to suit your comfort and preferences and recommended for a day long activity at the range or in the airsoft field.

Verage Airsoft On The WAS Falcon Chest Rig


Verage Airsoft explains his preferences for the Falcon Chest Rig from Warrior Assault Systems... "This is my choice for a chestrig that can be used on as many events as possible.

Flexibility is key in my setup and this chestrig fits right in.

I use the chestrig in combination with a battlebelt. It's the second line of my gear and it's a piece of kit that I have on most of the time.

0'20 Magazine: Emerson FCS Style MK3 Chest Rig


Cesar of 0'20 Magazine goes over the new Emerson FCS Style MK3 Chest Rig. This version looks to be the Ranger Green colour and this is made with Cordura 500D Nylon Fabric. It can carry 6 5.56mm-style magazines and is designed for S.A.C.K. pouch or after market plate carriers.

Thoughts On The Viper Special Ops Chest Rig


Rozotta got thte Viper Special Ops Chest Rig for his use as an airsoft sniper and here is what he says about this gear... "My experiences and thoughts on the Viper Special Ops chest rig. I've crafted mine to be used with my leaf suit airsoft sniper loadout."

10 Best Tactical Chest Rigs 2020


Well, from airsoft sniper rifles, now we get a list of the best chest rigs available in the market in 2020 as presented by Mcpinty Tech Gear... "A good chest rig will take you about a second to throw on. With the right rig, you’re always ready to react and respond at a moment’s notice… to any kind of situation.

You've got access to all your mags, IFAK, and whatever else you've packed in there."

Selecting A Chest Rig For Airsoft Use


Is selecting a chest rig for use in airsoft games entail a lot of thinking? The criteria is if it's durable, comfortable, affordable, and can carry enough to last you through the game then it is the right one for you. Storm Riders got their own thoughts on this in this video... "In this video, Chris talks about his new chest rig setup and the reasons why he selected this particular set up."

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