Blowback Industries' AGM MP-40 Gel Blaster Review


Another look at the AGM MP-40 Gel Blaster which has all the feautures of the AGM MP-40 AEG except that it fires gel balls. Blowback Industries give their take on this gel blaster... "So world war 2 gel blasters are slowly but surely making their way into the gel blaster community, and this one is no exception. The MP-40, used primarily by Nazi Germany in WW2, is finally here.

AGM MP40 Gel Blaster At X-Force Tactical


The famous AGM MP40 now has an Gel Blaster version and is available at X-Force Tactical in Australia... "The long awaited MP40 has finally landed, a solid metal and plastic body make this a collectors dream.  For those that have been crying about getting WWII guns in this is a dream come true.

At X-Force Tactical we are dedicated to bringing you the coolest toy guns and gel blasters available."

Airsoft GI 1 Minute Review: AGM MP40 AEG


Available for years now and a favourite of reenactors is the AGM MP40 AEG. Airsoft GI gives a quick rundown of this AEG in this 1 minute review... "I think it's become quite apparent I desperately want to become a reenactor at this point XD Regardless, the AGM MP40 is just a cool and unique piece for anyone's collection, especially for those interested at all in WWII-era firearms. Check it out yall!"

AGM STG44 AEG Review, Test & Opinion


ASG Olszytn gives his take on the AGM STG44 AEG... "Another reck on the channel, it was supposed to be much earlier, but I waited quite a long time for YT to find that I do not violate the content guidelines :). Finally, you should be able to go so watch!"

AGM M160-A2 OD Springer Review


Mach Sakai checks out a springer airsoft rifle in the form of the AGM M160-A2 in Olive Drab colour. Affordable since it's a springer, this is a 1:1 scale of the M14 rifle and this has a metal barrel and a metal cocking lever. The magazine has 200 rounds capacity so your arms may get tired during backyard plinking before it empties.

AGM MP003A Shotgun Unboxing


Pheas Airsoft got to unbox another affordable airsoft shotgun, the AGM MP003A. Will it give a good impression that it can be recommended to airsoft players on a budget? Watch the video... "In this video we are unboxing the AGM MP003A shotgun. This has a solid stock on it and makes it a whole lot longer."

AGM MP003B & CYMA CM.351 Comparison


Pheas Airsoft does a comparison of two budget airsoft shotguns from AGM and CYMA for you to discern which of these gives the most bang for the buck... "In today's video we have done a much requested comparison between the AGM MP003B and the CYMA CM.351 budget shot guns. These were both purchased from Taiwan Gun."

AGM MP003B Stubby Shotgun Unboxing


Pheas Airsoft is back to unboxing one of the affordable airsoft guns in the market and for this episode he covers the MP003B airsoft shotgun from AGM... "In this video we unbox the absolute bargain (budget) MP003B stubby shot gun from Taiwan gun. This is a super cheap airsoft shotgun that boasts some good performance and features for something so cheap."

Pheas Airsoft: AGM MP056B AEG Unboxing


Another affordable collectible for World War II airsoft players and reenactors unboxed by Pheas Airsoft. In this video it is the AGM MP056B AEG or the airsoft version of the StG44 which is said the first assault rifle and was released late in the war by Nazi Germany... In this video we are unboxing the rather hefty AGM MP056B AKA StG 44 WW2 replica."

AGM MP007B AEG At Taiwan Gun


One of the best selling AEGs from AEG is the MP40 (MP007B) and it is available at Taiwan Gun... "The MP007 is a replica of the MP40. The Airsoft Gun Manufacturer replica is made very carefully, just like the original, it is equipped with a folding stock made of metal. All metal parts in the original have been duplicated in the replica.

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