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Burntwolf Airsoft: AGM S&T MG42 Review

Burntwolf Airsoft reviews the most afforable airsoft MG42 in the market, the AGM MG42 AEG that is also known with the S&T and Matrix brands. This full metal bushings for the custom gearbox and comes with a steel 2,500-round magazine that is battery powered for autowinding... "Right then you orrible lot this week on Burntwolf airsoft im going to be taking alook at the AGM S&T MG42."

Install Bullet Links On AGM MG42 AEG

Randy, who is lucky to use a real world person's name as a YouTube channel before somebody else takes it, shows how to install bullet links for the MG42 AEG made by AGM to give it a more realistic look... "I show how I installed bullet links onto my airsoft MG42 by AGM/MATRIX/S&T. Here's a list of things I used:

Airsoft Mike: AGM MP40 AEG Review

Airsoft Mike reviews an AEG that many are familiar with for many years now, the AGM MP40... "Welcome to another episode in my series of Airsoft videos based on the arsenal used in the Call Of Duty WW2 video game and of course, based on the historical real steel from WW2. This time, its the turn of the AGM MP40."

Airsoft Mike: AGM Sten MK II AEG Review

For the second episode of Airsoft Mike's COD WWII Series, he reviews the AGM Sten MK II AEG. For the series, he takes the airsoft versions of the guns used in the video game to for a review... "Here is another installment of WW2 Airsoft replicas as dipicted in the Call Of Duty World war 2 video game.

Mach Sakai: AGM M1 Carbine Quick Review

A very much afforable AGM M1 Carbine is reviewed by Mach Sakai. This costs less than US$50 at airsoft retailers carrying this but before you jump into buying one, this is a bolt action rifle which may just disappoint you. This has faux wood, adjustable hop-up, and comes with a 45-round BB magazine. Mach Sakai checks it out for externals, operation, and accuracy.

AGM Sturmgewehr StG 44 AEG Review

We get to see the AGM StG44 AEG reviewed in this video by WWII Airsoft: Company HQ... "In this video of WWII Airsoft: Company HQ, I'll review the German StG 44 from AGM. It is a an AEG airsoft rifle that operates in both Full and Semi-Automatic.

The manufacturer says it shoots out of the box between 380-450 FPS fps. with a .20 BB. It is constructed from wood and metal giving it a life like look and feel to the real rifle.

Airsoft Station: AGM M180A2 Spring Shotgun

Need a really cheap airsoft springer shotgun? Here is an AGM M180A2 spring shotgun which you can get at US$16.96 from Airsoft Station... "The M180A2 shotgun is a very realistic shotgun with a great feel to it. The it loads shells just like a real shotgun, and each shell holds 14 shots and the gun comes with 4 shells. The shells are easy to reload, especially with the help of a speed loader.

50% Off AGM M4 GBBs At eHobby Asia

Here's your chance to grab an AGM M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle at 50% off its retail price. eHobby Asia are having this promo so better hurry before stocks run out. This is based on the Western Arms Gas Blowback mechanism so you can use other mags from other brands that are compatible. In this promo, you can choose between the M4A1 GBB or the M4 RIS variant.

Custom Airsoft MP28 Build Part One

Bennett does a video converting the AGM Sten MKII into an MP28 in his kitchen workshop... "Part one/introduction to my AGM Sten MKII to MP28 build, I understand I'm not the first one to do this conversion but still, enjoy the video and the build. Like, Comment, and Subscribe. If you have any suggestions for the build I'd be happy to hear them."

Airsoftology: AGM MP40 AEG Review

It is actually the most sought after airsoft MP40 in the market due to its affordability, now Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology reviews it for this episode... "The iconic MP40 from AGM is in the studio for a review, but does this budget replica lend itself to being battlefield worthy, or is it just a cool reenactor piece?"