Battlelab SOF Pack AirForce Digital Tiger Stripe "Limited Run!" from Diamond Back


New product from Diamond Back just on a limited run..."Battlelab SOF Pack "Limited Run! Only 85 in stock" Air Force Digital Tiger Stripe Pattern. The SOF is the enlarged version of our Three-Day Assault Pack.

KWA USA To Release Lithium-Polymer Powered KW KM4A1 AEG


Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries are slowly being a battery of choice for airsoft players, as they last longer and can give a higher rate of fire (ROF). These also being preferred by manufacturers since they are cheaper to manufacture and being more robust to physical damage.

ArniesAirsoft Review of the Modify Modular Gearbox Set


We received message from Tex about a great review of the Modify Modular Gearbox made by ArniesAirsoft Global Moderator, FarEast, at the ArniesAirsoft Forums...

Airsoft Innovations Releases AI Bushing Press and AI Motor Plate


Airsoft Innovations has released two products this August that are much for the benefit of airsoft players who prefer fixing their own motors and gearboxes.

KART M-14 EBR is Confirmed by


There has been news circulating around airsoft forums and news sites that the KART M-14 EBR is a hoax. However, the opposite is true. is now taking pre-orders for the KART M-14 EBR together with the A&K M249 MK.I,  A&K M249 MK.II, A&K M249 para, and the A.C.M.

OP: Sudden Strike by Colorado Milsim Productions 28-30 September 2007


Colorado Milsim LLC., a company just recently founded this year by Casey W. Meraz and his partners Robert Daihl and Tom Allred, is organising OP: Sudden Strike which will be held on the 28th to the 30th of September 2007. Mr. Meraz and his partners bring over 30 years of combined airsoft and leadership experience to the company.

Bill Introduced in US Congress To Ban Any Toy That Resembles a Real Handgun


US airsoft forums are abuzz on the introduction Bill HR 428 IH (Introduced in the House) in the 110th US Congress "To require the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ban toys which in size, shape, or overall appearance resemble real handguns"  which is filed by

FILCOMBAT 1st Year Anniversary Bash


Filcombat, a member team of the Airsoft Combat Enthusiasts Brigade (ACE Brigade), based in Basildon, Essex, just celebrated their 1st Year Anniversary at the Skirmish site in Billericay, Essex, England last 19 August 2007.

RedWolf Airsoft and Airsoft Hawaii Ash Bash 2007 Event Report


RedWolf Airsoft's report of the Ash Bash 2007 event hosted by Airsoft Hawaii last 4 August 2007... "Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Airsoft Hawaii once again hosted the well renowned ASH BASH event in Hawaii to an impressive 380 players.

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