DPM Webtex MLCE Modular Vest at Flecktarn


One of the Flecktarn's August new items is the DPM Webtex MLCE Modular Vest..."The Webtex MLCE modular vest is a new concept in modular design in British DPM.

FilForce Balikatan 2007-2 OP: BASILAN FURY


Filforce will be conducting Balikatan 2007-2 OP:BASILAN FURY that simulates a joint exercise by Philippine and US Forces in the jungles of Basilan, Philippi

Galaxy MP5 PDW and MP5K Price Drop at SHORTY USA


Editor's Note: This is originally titled as "JG MP5 PDW and MP5K Price Drop at SHORTY USA" when it was pointed out that markings of the "JG" models are actually Galaxy marks.

Check Six Airsoft Taking Pre-Orders for Real Sword Type 97


CheckSix Airsoft, founded on the summer of 2005 by Cebuano airsoft enthusiasts based in Hong Kong, with shops in Cebu, Philippines, is now taking pre-orders for the Type 97 from Real Sword at US$452.05.

Airsoft Challenge 2007 - OPERATION: BALKAN HAMMER 26-28 October 2007


The first ever National Airsoft Challenge developed by The Museum of Military History, and MAC-V has your challenge ready. This new style of airsoft event offers a balance between scenario game play and competition.

Kastway Airsoft New Stock: King Arms FN FAL


The Fusil Automatique Léger (Light Automatic Rifle) or FAL is a 7.62×51 NATO self-loading, selective fire rifle produced by the Belgian armaments manufacturer Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN) first seen as a prototype in 1947, introduced during the Cold War,  and was adopted by many North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries.

Inokatsu M60E4 & MK43 Now At Airsoft Armoury


Airsoft Armoury, located in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, England, is now offering the Inokatsu M60E4 and Inokatsu M43 Support AEGs.  The M60E4 is an improved version of the M60E3, with the M60 series still being in service in the US A

More Picture Previews of the G & G G-SCAR-L


G & G Armaments (Guay Guay Trading Co., Ltd.), established in 1986 and designs and manufactures high quality tuning, dressing parts, nylon outdoor gear, and airsoft guns, and also known for its quality products has released a new batch of pictures of the G & G G-SCAR-L.  One of the distinct

L85 Coming Soon from ICS


Sighting at the I Chih Shivan Enterprises (ICS) website. A picture of their upcoming L85 release is now posted there. No product information or specifications yet.

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