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OPSEC Airsoft Radio 30 August 2007 Show Available for Download

OPSEC Airsoft Radio has now made available the 30 August 2007 show for download. OPSEC Airsoft radio was put up in September 2005 by a group of airsoft enthusiasts "tired of reading several different websites to remain 'on-top' of the airsoft scene, but most importantly... tired of being out of the loop on local events/games." So they decided to put up something different --- and thus the online radio service for the airsoft world.

Stirling Airsoft Team Selection: 19-21st Oct 07

Got what it takes to undertake training that made the SAS the stuff of legend? Well, I don't. I've gone through a Survival, Escape, and Evasion (S.E.E.) course during my younger years, survived it, and DON'T want to go through one again. But for those adventurous guys and girls out there, if you want to be toughened and prove you've got what it takes, then Stirling Airsoft would be more than happy to give it to you.


Airsoft GI, one of the largest airsoft retailers in the US, is giving away two (2) AEGs every week!!! That's right, two AEGs every week in their SUPER CRAZY INSANE GIVE AWAY promo that has started last 1 September and ends on 2nd November 2007..."The last give away during the Summer was great, but a lot of you missed out on some great merchandise. So, instead of making you wait a whole year for the next opportunity to win free stuff we are going to host another give away right now!

Now Up to 10% Discount from RedWolf Airsoft for UK-based Customers

RedWolf Airsoft has increased the discount for UK customers from 5% to 10% (Did we hear CHEERS!!! in the background?) as Kai of RedWolf sent the following message: "The Summer is cooling down, but we are turning the heat up on our UK discount – we are raising the discount from 5% to 10%, and all customers based in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) will benefit from this deal.

More Combat Shirts from Krukspec Philippines

Krukspec Philippines recently released three new combat shirts to make you increase your BDU collections. The company, known for releasing great looking and low-cost battle dress uniforms (BDU) has the following available for your taste: Pixelated Jungle, British DPM Desert, and the Desert Stalker. These shirts will keep you cool in hot weather conditions. The Desert Stalker is interesting to look at.


God Save the Queen: Oil Fields 06-10-2007

This is new --- a milsim event posted at the Filipino Airsoft Forums with a setting that seems to have been taken from a fantasy movie: TEAM BUNGO in cooperation with Airsoft Brotherhood Alliance (ABA) presents: GOD SAVE THE QUEEN: “OILFIELDS” October 6, 2007. This will be held in Camp Olivares, in Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines. This Big Event will be televised and Celebrities will join the event.

Systema and Pro-Arms Items at Airsoft Global

Airsoft Global an airsoft company based in Hong Kong with over 10 years of experience has new items in stock as of 5 September. Airsoft Global provides full-range airsoft products, mainly are; Tokyo Marui, Maruzen, KSC, Western Arms, TOP, Tanaka, First Factory, Systema and other assorted Japan's brands. They all sell other high-quantity Taiwan's airsoft goods like Guarder, G&G, ICS and KJ.

dEFCONAirsoft Birthday Competition

Our friends from dEFCON Airsoft have posted their 1st year anniversary gimick..."On 24th September 2007, dEFCONAirsoft will be exactly 1yr old, and to celebrate our 1st Birthday, Fire-Support LTD have decided to throw us a Birthday party... the only problem is, they've accidentally misplaced 4 of the items needed for the celebrations in amongst the rest of their stock.

RedWolf Airsoft - Official Wiley X Distributor

Another plus for RedWolf Airsoft: "RedWolf Airsoft are proud to be appointed as Official distributor of Wiley X Combat Eyewear. Designed to withstand the harsh requirements of extreme warfare, Wiley X products are developed based on feedback from soldiers and officers from the field. High Velocity Protection (HVP) is the theory behind all Wiley X glasses and goggles.

DBOYs SPR Mk12 MOD.0 Full Metal at CRW Airsoft

CRW Airsoft, an airsoft retailer that imports from China and sells in the UK and Europe, has in stock the DBoys SPR Mk12 Mod Full Metal.  This is a hefty looking rifle from DBoys and if you want a sniper loadout with full-auto capabilities, then this is the rifle you need to purchase without breaking the bank. It is TM compatible so you won't have much problems in using your existing M16/M4 Magazines.