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Echo1 USA Introduces New Task Force Black and Master Series AEGs

Interesting announcements... "Echo1 USA has recently released the Master Series (MS5) of 9mm Submachine gun style (SMG) airsoft electric guns (AEG)! This is Echo 1's first of many ultra high grade models to come. The MS5 features for the first time two complete lower receivers which allows for lightning fast velocity changes, essentially doubling the effectivness of the weapon system.

Modify Modular Gear Installation and BB King Accuracy Test Videos

Kitty of WGC sent in today two videos: the Modify Modular Gear 5 Minute Installation and the BB King .25 and .20 BB accuracy tests.  Though similar, we weren't sure of these were the gearsets for the for the 6mm or 7mm gearboxes, but we guess you wouldn't care as these have similar installation procedures for the version 2 and 3 gearboxex. The BB King accuracy tests were good, though no range was indicated when the test was conducted.­

BE-X "KANGAROO" Hydration Pack

New BE-X Hydration packs you can find at Begadi... "The Hydration Pack "Kangaroo" is the smallest back pack in the BE-X series. In the main part you find space for the storage of a drinking system (max. 3 liters) and for a MRE. The front part can be moved, so you can transport things like jackets and so on in the space between main part and front part. In the front part you can transport for example a Medic kit."

Under Armour Cold Gear Long Sleeve Crew

Slowly getting colder now, though autumn has been unusually warm. Check this new iteam at UK Tactical... "Under Armour Cold Gear features a double-sided fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin and circulates body heat. It accomplishes the impossible by keeping specialist Police, and Military operators warm without weighing them down.

GFC M4 Stubby Killer

Gunfire Poland announced last week that they have a new M4 Stubby Killer based on the JG product, in particular the second version of the JG Stubby Killer. Thus you get an all metal M4 AEG, reinforced gears, precision barrel, and the MOSFET... "We have pleasure to inform you that today we have introduced into our offer a new  M4 Stubby Killer, made by GFC Guns. The replica is mostly made of metal, buttstock and pistolgrip are made of ABS and covered with a thin layer of rubber.

Special Price Items at UN Company

Marushin revolvers now at UN Company, and they come in black and silver colours and with 7.5 inch lengths... "For the newly released Pistol from different companies I have selected two for introduction for the readers. It is the Marushin Super Super RedHawk Maxi 7.5 Inch Heavy Weight 8mm Version. For this item it is available in two colour it is black and silver. For details I will introduce them as follows.

A.C.M. Export Version (US) P90 AEG with Metal Gearbox

This one's available at and is priced at US$88.49. We wonder if this is only for the US market only. But we guess it's available to other markets... "A.C.M. export version (US) P90 AEG with metal gear box and full-metal railed carry handle. Comes with total two low cap magazines with fake bullets. The pic is for reference only but shows the model and style of the P90."

Tanaka S&W M36 Steel Finish 3 inch

Collectors can take an interest in this new item revolver from Tanaka as offered by RedWolf Airsoft... "Another collector grade pistol from Tanaka with an excellent steel finishing that makes it look incredibly real. Metal trigger, hammer, cylinder and ejection rod, safety, and parts of the main body. Imitation wood grips. Popular with detectives for its small size and concealment capabilities.

MadBull and SOCOM Gear Products Line-Up

Complete listing of new and existing products from MadBull Airsoft and SOCOM Gear for you to choose from. The MadBull AGX will again be in display for the upcoming The Punisher II which will be released in December this year. MadBull also has a new product, which is a noisemaker, but no product name assigned to it yet. New Daniel Defense RIS II, Novesker N4 Gas blowback and ACE SOCOM stock also to be expected next month with the Robinsons ArmsXCR AEG expected in 2009. We wonder on the status of the Kriss they announced before. "Gents: Items on Nov. Advertising:

Tactical Tailor Enhanced Duffle Bag

Tactical Tailor has redesigned the old duffle bag while staying to the spirit of this iconic GI bag... "We designed our Enhanced Duffle Bag to replace the old fashioned G.I. style duffle bag, updating the classic design that has not been changed since World War II. Identical in size to the original military issue duffle, our duffle bag features a zipper that runs the full length of the bag.