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Newly Released Products at MDS

Jackson of Massive Defense Shop (M.D.S.) sent in updates on their new products after launching their newly redesigned website. Mainly some destructive devices as they've got an M203 grenade launcer which seems to be the 5KU, Panzerfaust grenade launcher, M72 Light anti-tank weapon, Dragunov SVD, and parts from element for the Western Arms M4 Gas Blowback. Just click on the links provided below.

CA Full Metal Armalite M15 XM177 E2

In stock and ready for your skirmish needs at Airsoft GI... "The CA M15A1 Carbine is modeled after the famous XM177. The XM177 is a shortened version of the M16A1 assault rfile. It was one of the first commando length M16s and was used primarily by special operations personnel in the vietnam war. The CA M15A1 Carbine is an accurate representation of this famous assault rifle. It features a M16A1 style metal body that has a fixed carry handle and lacks the shell deflector of the M16A2.

Laylax Satellite Brick Target Scene 2 Nature Field

Something to shoot by when practising shooting skills at Airsoft Atlanta. Not recommended for airsoft guns that are above 1 joule as these will be destroyed... "The Laylax Satellite Brick Target Scene 2 Nature Field.  The Nature Field is kind of like Duck Hunt, but you can shoot the dog.  This is a foam setup for you to practice airsoft shooting and accuracy with.  A great target system, think of a destructible lego-like set for your airsoft gun fury.

King Arms Knights M4 CQB-R

One of the new AEGs now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft... "The King Arms M4 CQB-R features a 10.5inch one piece outer barrel housed within a standard My RAS front set. Using a 7mm Bearing Gearbox, the King Arms M4 CQB-R fires smoothly and with great accuracy. The bolt-stop feature enables quick and easy hop-up changes on the fly allowing you to fire with one hand whilst adjusting the hop-up settings.

Massive HK Now Back Online

­Massive HK now just got back online after a few weeks of being under maintenance and now they are sporting a new look. The site now has a bigger mast head and much even bigger product photos when you open their front page. Good for the eyes if you ask me.­.. "M.D.S is back! We would like to inform you that MDS is back to business with a new look. Please check out – . Also my team made a new video for the WE AWSS SCAR & WA Gas Blowback M4.

5KU Revolver Launcher at Airsoft Global

Marc Hoyan of Airsoft Global sent in news about their new product in stock, the 5KU Grenade Launcher. This is a dedicated revolver launcher so it's not to be attached to any rifle, we dare you. :) .. "This launcher accomodates 6 shells (Not included).A unique wind-up feature allows you to pretension the 6 round loader, which automatically turns by one notch every time you pull the trigger.

Week 2 Winners of ASGI Beat the Summer Heat Promo

­Airsoft GI has announced the winners on week 2 for for their Beat the Summer Heat Raffle Promotion. Better watch the video to see of you have won something from them. 8 more raffle weeks to go with a Barrett airsoft rifle being one of their top draws... "5 new winners have been chosen, and 1 prize had to be redrawn from last week since the winner failed to contact us.  See if your order number was chosen here: 

AEX: LCT AMD65 Tactical AEG

Collector's item piece, IMHO, but it's a good skirmishable one available at Airsoft Extreme... "From LCT Airsoft, the maker of the finest AK AEG replicas in the world, comes a unique reproduction of the Hungarian AMD-65. The AM­D65 is a shortened version of the AK47, with a highly distinctive front end, uniquely styled flash hider, and super tough side folding stock.

Inokatsu M4A1 SOPMOD 2009 Enhanced Version on Pre-Order

The 2009 version of the GBB M4A1 is now on pre-order at RedWolf Airsoft... "Fixing all the bugs of their M4A1 SOPMODs, INOKATSU has vastly improved upon their M4 GBB. The bodywork as usual is top notch, and with their 2009th enhanced version, they have even gotten a fully licensed aluminum receiver from Colt themselves. Needless to say, each and every bit of its licensed body work had been expertly engraved into the body, the M4 SOPMOD of course has its own unique serial code.

New items and custom guns from Airsoft Global

New finger-looking goodies from Airsoft Global, primarily with their custom guns that you may want to select if you do not have time to make your own custom work and more neW MP5s from CYMA. Just click on the links provided below to learn more. The custom SCAR GBB is sure something that'll attract attention... "Dear Sir, There are few new custom works released at our Airsoftglobal. Please check and advise: