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News that came in from Magpul... "Dear all, Magpul PTS Back-up Site (MBUS) Set will start shipping very soon. We took a long time to fine tune this new product and you will have great satisfaction with it. It is using high quality DuPont Polymer and selling in box set – Front and Real Site. PTS version MBUS will come with a key to adjust front sight pole (limited offer). We start to receive pre-order. Kindly contact your local distributor or dealer to get more information.

Gun-Fire Poland Advisory

An advisory for Gunfire Poland's customers... "We would like to inform that due to change of our location, from 23rd February to 2nd March company will be closed. For this reason we would like to warn our partners that during this days we will not executing placed orders and we may not respond to your calls . Delays may be noticeable even to the end of 10th March.  We will still respond to your email but it may take more time as usually. We will be grateful for your understanding.

G&P M4 Enforcer

New G&P M4 at RedWolf Airsoft. This one's not part of the Gas Blow Back series that they have released recently. But it comes with the red dot sight as seen in the photo below... "Constructed from aluminum die cast and ABS materials, the Enforcer is a sturdy little AEG. Sporting a 10.5inch inner barrel and an 8mm bearing gearbox, the Enforcer AEG will literally rip the ground apart as you nail the opfor time and time again!

Set Includes:

Crossfire Concealed Carry Bag

Interesting Tactical Tailor Bag which actually does the job when holsters are not practical... "Our Crossfire concealed carry bag is the ideal solution for situations where traditional holsters may be inconvenient or impractical. The Crossfire keeps your sidearm and extra ammunition ready to go when you need it, in the form of a comfortable and practical shoulder bag.

Operation Dark Cloud 28 February 2009

Airsoft event being sponsored by by the end of this month... "Sign up for the event can be done by adding this item to your shopping cart or in person at walk in super store. Please select the force you wish to be in. Limited spot available. (80 players). Registration will close immediately after 80 player capacity is met. Registration starts today. Thanks to all the sponsors for the event, this event will be one to remember!"

Airsoft International Magazine March 2009 Issue Released

New release of Airsoft International Magazine with the SBS wannabe tips as cover. Go and try checking this issues out at WH Smith or at your favourite airsoft retailer... "For us as a publisher it's important not only to provide our readers with a quality publication that they want to read, but also to bridge the divide between the real world manufactures we all love and the Airsoft World.

HP All Steel Galil ARM Conversion Kit

New company called Hexagon Productions now with Galil ARM conversion kit which makes your AEG compatible with King Arms Galil magazines. Their other products include the H-Bar kit for Steyr Aug as previously posted by ­UN Comoany.. "Pics shows a complete Galil ARM AEG, Magazine Shown in Picture is KA mags (not included). You need a complete Ver.3 gearbox, 509mm inner barrel and hop up bucking, (hop up chamber included!!).

HFC/TSD Compact Tactical 2-Tone M166 Metal Full-Auto Pistol

New handguns again at Airsoft GI... "The HFC/TSD Compact Tactical M166 Metal Full-Auto Pistol is a great new gas blow back pistol for beginner airsoft players. The slide is constructed of metal, and the lower receiver and grip are made of very durable polymer. The safety switch is also the fire selector with semi and full auto position. Target acquisition is made very easy by the dots on the front and rear iron sights.

KSC Full Metal P226R

Look at this new baby at RedWolf Airsoft... "P226 is the sidearm of the special forces U.S.Navy Seals. It provides high reliablity and strong performance and very good accuracy. Military and law enforcement agencies around the world have adopted the P226 for duty use. A little known fact is that it tested far superior to the Beretta 92F in trial tests by the US military.

Ares MK43 AEG Metal Gear Box Version

Improved MK43 SAW from Ares now available at Gunner Airsoft. This should improve competition a bit with the upcoming A&K MK43 version which. But we've seen the Ares version and we can tell that it's a good buy for those wanting something apart from A&K... "MK43 By Ares, Full metal construction except the Top cover. Electric powered Box mag included!! Also a short imitation bullet chain. Everything is the same as the old one except he metal gear box."