WE Samurai Edge GBB Pistol Review


Burntwolf Airsoft WE Samurai Edge GBB Pistol Review

A clone of the Tokyo Marui airsoft original, Burntwolf Airsoft reviews the Samurai Edge Gas Blowback Pistol from WE Airsoft... "Right then you Orrible lot! This week on Burnt wolf airsoft I'm going to be taking a look at the WE Samurai Edge. Based on the gun used by Chris Redfield in the original Resident Evil games, other versions for the other charters are also available though not all are made by WE

This Airsoft gun has caught my eye a fair few times in shop windows and I think its a very attractive looking gun that pays a good tribute to the gun used in the games. This version is the semi-auto version full-auto versions are also available."

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25 Feb 2020

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