VFC Avalon M4 Calibur CQC AEG DX


Vince AAB VFC Avalon M4 Calibur CQC AEG DX

Vince AAB goes over his acquisition from Airsoft Entrepot and got it for a good price. The Avalon M4 Calibur CQC AEG DX AEG is part of the premium line of AEGs made by VFC... "Bought during sales at airsoft entrepot at a price of 229 € instead of 459 €, this replica is really super nice. Indeed, the Avalon DX are the most upscale from VFC which explains these performance and finish out of the box. After dismantling the hop up unit, we have a copy of the Maple leaf hop up seal but with a slightly thinner bead. The seal is perfect, a big step forward for this brand."

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