U.S. Army Issue MOLLE II Assault Pack


Pousin Boots U.S. Army Issue MOLLE II Assault Pack

In the informative show by Pousinboots, the various features of the MOLLE II Assault Pack issued by the U.S. Army are meticulously demonstrated. The show begins with an introduction to the gear, followed by a detailed guide on how to attach the Assault Pack to a Rucksack. It further explains how to configure the Assault Pack to stand alone. The show also highlights the different equipment slots available in the pack and the method to attach straps for airborne operations. A unique feature of the pack is the shield that protects from Singars Radio. The history of the front pocket is also discussed, along with the functionality of the 6 Mag Bandoleer Pouch. The show concludes with a demonstration of the Waist Pack and dispels myths about the Sustainment Pouch. 

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