Upgraded Ares Amoeba Striker AS02 Accuracy Test


Riddler Goose Upgraded Ares Amoeba Striker AS02 Accuracy Test

Riddler Goose tests an upgraded Amoeba Striker ASO2 sniper rifle from Ares Airsoft. The upgrades include parts from Action Army and Maple Leaf... "In this video I will be shooting the ARES AS02 Striker which has been upgraded. The parts are as follows. CPSB 004 Cylinder and all the internals, Action Army Hop Chamber, Maple leaf hop rubber 50 degrees and a hop adjustment wheel. This is also a good opportunity to play with different camera angles and my new scopecam.

I plan to upgrade the rifle further to include new trigger sears and a new trigger as well as barrel spacers and a prescision inner barrel."

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28 Jan 2021

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