Timerzanov Airsoft: LCT Airsoft LCKS-74 AEG


Timerzanov Airsoft: LCT Airsoft LCKS-74 AEG

The AKS74 version from LCT Airsoft, the LCKS-74 gets reviewed by Timerzanov Airsoft... "Hi all! Today I offer you a replica of AK aeg! This is the LCKS-74 from LCT, a replica of AKS-74. The AK74 is an assault rifle used by the Soviet army from 1974 in order to replace the AKM, in order to adopt a smaller caliber to make it more advantageous in terms of use. The AKS version has a foldable Skeleton type stock.

Here we find the LCKS74 with real wood handguard as well as a full metal body and a very realistic finish. The replica is provided with a foldable stock. Internally, we find a Gearbox V3 Gen2 (2016) with 9mm bearings, a reinforced polymer piston, a 22000 RPM motor, an adjustable hop-up system and a 6.02mm x 420mm precision barrel."

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