Timerzanov Airsoft: GHK Steyr AUG A2 GBB


Timerzanov Airsoft: GHK Steyr AUG A2 GBB

Timerzanov Airsoft gets his chance to get his hands on the GHK Steyr AUG A2 GBB bullpup rifle for this video review... "Hello everyone ! Today GHK returns! And this time I'm offering you a replica that I've been wanting to test for a while, the Steyr Aug A2 from GHK.

(Although the replica is an Aug A1 version...) This is a nomenclature error on the part of the manufacturer. The replica has a very nice finish and fairly good performance out of the box. In short, I invite you to discover all of this in this video! Enjoy the video!

GHK is a company based in Taiwan since 2008, famous in the field of manufacturing GBBR airsoft replicas.

The Steyr Aug A2 is an Austrian Bullpup assault rifle, configured to remain compact as much as possible. In this version, it is equipped with a telescopic sight and a folding handle under the handguard.

The Taiwanese firm offers a GBBR replica of the AUG A2 with a very robust polymer construction for a good feeling of realism both in terms of finish and weight once in the hands.

The AUG A2 GHK has a powerful reinforced blowback system, an adjustable hop up system, a riflescope with non-illuminated reticle as well as very good tolerance to low temperatures for a gas-powered replica. The replica is sold with an embossed polymer gas magazine, with a capacity of 30 BBs.

A big thank you to Airsoft Entrepot for giving me this replica to make the video!"

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