Timerzanov Airsoft On The Cybergun FN Herstal MK46 LMG AEG


Timerzanov Airsoft On The Cybergun FN Herstal MK46 LMG AEG

The Cybergun FN Herstal MK46 LMG AEG, with A&K being the OEM, is checked by Timerzanov Airsoft in this video review... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you the review of an AEG support replica. I therefore present to you the FN Herstal MK46 LMG from Cybergun, manufactured in collaboration with A&K and licensed under the FN Herstal license. These M249 models are made of metal & polymer and have original good shooting performance and a quick spring change.

Anyway, let's see what happens in this video!

The M249 Light Machine Gun, formerly M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), is the adaptation for the American army of the FN Minimi machine gun, a Belgian machine gun manufactured by FN Herstal (FN).

The M249 is manufactured in the United States in South Carolina by FN Herstal's American subsidiary, FN Manufacturing LLC, and is widely used in the United States armed forces. It was introduced in 1984 after being judged to be the most effective of a number of candidate weapons, in order to address the lack of firepower of automatic weapons in small units. It provides infantry squadrons with the heavy fire volume of a submachine gun, combined with near-rifle accuracy and portability.

The MK46 Mod.0 adopted by the United States Joint Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is a redesigned model of the M249 used by the United States military to be as light and compact as possible.

Cybergun has teamed up with the manufacturer A&K to offer an AEG airsoft replica of the FN Herstal MK46 LMG light machine gun in black version with bipod, picatinny handguard, adjustable stock and quick spring change.

A big thank you to @DG_airsoft_france for lending me this replica to make the video!"

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