Airsoft Station On The A&K M60 AEG


Anthony takes a look the hefty A&K M60 AEG, perhaps the most affordable and big airsoft support gun in the market and it is available at the Airsoft Station... "Dominate your battlefield competition with the awesome A&K M60 Machine Gun . This heavy-duty, rapid firing monster is an authentic replica of the classic Vietnam era M60 machine gun, and is very realistic in look and feel.

Nuprol & A&K Team Up For UK Market


Resellers looking to be stockists of A&K airsoft products in the UK have a new distributor to contact. Nuprol announced that they have become the exclusive distributor for A&K in the United Kingdom. They have posted their official announcement below. Previouly, iWholesales handled the distribution for A&K in the UK.

Resellers will have to get their supplies of A&K products from Nuprol from now on with this exclusive arrangement.

Mach Sakai: A&K PKM AEG Quick Review


A big one again from A&K for Mach Sakai to test at his range. The A&K PKM AEG is a hefty support weapon that as a MOSFET that can be programmed to adjust the rate of fire. It comes with a box magazine that has a massive capacity of 5,000 rounds that you may have to worry about running out of batteries rather than BBs. He goes over for externals, operations and the usual quick steel challenge.

A&K M870 Tactical Shooting Fun


CreepyDan sure is having fun with th A&K M870 Tactical Springer Shotgun. He recommends this as a nice beginner gun... "I am having a hell of a lot of fun with my A&K M870 Tactical Full Metal Airsoft Shotgun. This is a great beginner airsoft gun for someone looking to try out the sport. Thanks for watching!"

Geonox Airsoft: A&K MK46 AEG


The A&K MK46 AEG is available at Begadi for German and European customers. Geonox Airsoft goes over this AEG to show you its finer points. Just turn on your language captions as it is done in German... "Here I present the A&K MK 46 and show you the highlights that I especially like about the Airsoft machine gun."

Mach Sakai: A&K Knights SR-25K AEG


Mach Sakai reviews the SR-25K AEG made by A&K Airsoft. This AEG has been in production for over a decade now and depending on your location, it may or many not have the KAC markings, such as the early production units. This is a full metal AEG with a custom Version 2 gearbox and has a full length RIS rail. It can be fired in semi and full auto modes.

A&K M249 GBB Test Fire Video


For those waiting for an update on the upcoming A&K M249 Gas Blowback SAW, you will have to wait a little bit longer. Announced last year and on display at the MOA Exhbition 2017 in Taipei, A&K Airsoft revealed that they are still doing further tests with the GBB and thus, they still need more time. If it is good performing M249 GBB out of the box with a good price point, they can take their time so it will have no or few issues when it gets released. Here is their test fire video on Facebook.

Raven Airsoft: A&K STW M4 AEGs


A quick review of the various STW models from A&K by Raven Airsoft. Said to be based on the Systema Engineering PTW models, these have full metal receivers, quick swap cylinder design, steel housing mid cap magazine, and exchangeable cylinder set. The models shown here are the M4A1, M4 Compact, and M4 Spider.

A&K MK46 Full Metal AEG Review


Antre du Dingo Dingchavez got the A&K MK46 Support Weapon AEG for this review. The version sent to him Begadi is the Dark Earth one and this weighs over 12lbs. It has an adjustable hop-up adjustable bipod, 2,500 round box magazine and a full metal rugged gearbox... "It's machinegun time ! Today with the Mk46 LMG by A&K, a nice machinegun which will make a great support replica! Thanks a lot to the german shop Begadi which sent this gun to me.

Vera Rockrose: A&K MK46/M249 Minimi


Vera Rockrose checks out and test fires the A&K MK46/M249 AEG for this video. One of the more affordable airsoft support guns in the market, this has 3-position stock, adjustable and folding steel bipod, vertical grip, RIS for mounting accessories, top rail, and a battery operated auto winding 3000 round box magazine.

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