Timerzanov Airsoft On The Cybergun FN Herstal MK46 LMG AEG


The Cybergun FN Herstal MK46 LMG AEG, with A&K being the OEM, is checked by Timerzanov Airsoft in this video review... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you the review of an AEG support replica. I therefore present to you the FN Herstal MK46 LMG from Cybergun, manufactured in collaboration with A&K and licensed under the FN Herstal license. These M249 models are made of metal & polymer and have original good shooting performance and a quick spring change.

A&K M249 SAW MUGEN Review


We are seeing A&K M249s, not exactly new products, coming back and one of these is the A&K M249 SAW MUGEN and Edoyman Airsoft does a review of this LMG... "Introducing the ultimate airsoft machine gun: the FN Herstal licensed M249 Mugen by A&K! This lightweight beast boasts endless ammo (well, until the BBs run out!), a comfortable chainsaw design for easy hip firing, and a durable polymer construction that's surprisingly light.

A&K M60 AEG Unboxing


ADZZZYs Armoury does an unboxing of a not-so-new AEG, the A&K M60. This is a classic LMG built for dedicated gunners, boasts full metal construction and folding bipod for ruggedness, while its 8mm full metal gearbox delivers internal durability to match its external muscle.

A&K M1873 "Mares Leg" Lever Action Custom


Geltrick provides a comprehensive overview of the A&K M1873 "Mares Leg" Lever Action Custom gas-powered airsoft gun. This gun boasts a real wood stock, a metal receiver, and a barrel assembly. It features metal internal parts and a gas system, along with a metal-constructed barrel and D-lever loop. The gun is equipped with an adjustable hop-up system for improved accuracy.

A&K MK46 AEG At Airsoft Sports


Airsoft Sports got the A&K MK46 AEG in stock and give their take in this video... "M249 from A&K is the most common machine gun in airsoft. In Russia, he is very much loved mainly for a good quality steel bodysuit and a low price compared to competitors. There are quite a lot of body kit options and modifications for the M249, which, by the way, you can find in our store."

A&K PKM AEG With Wood Kit


Airsoft Sports review the A&K PKM AEG With Wood Kit which they have available... "The AEG  is made of steel, aluminum alloy and wooden fittings. The fire mode is only automatic. There are bipods on the machine gun. Standard sights are made in the form of a front sight on the barrel and a sector aiming bar located on a guide at the rear of the receiver.

A&K Airsoft MK46 Nylon Version Review


A German-spec A&K Airsoft MK46 Nylon Version AEG LMG gets reviewed by TNT-Germany... "Hey folks! A treat on our review table today. Namely the MK46 from A&K in the nylon version. This thing looks brutal, you can attach a lot and of course a lot of shooting. But there is a big catch here in Germany. You can find out who we would recommend the Airsoft to and how Finsch did with it on the match day in the video."

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