Taiwan Gun: Kizuna Works KW-15K GBB Pistol


Taiwan Gun: Kizuna Works KW-15K GBB Pistol

Quick presentation by Taiwan Gun of the airsoft replica of the PL15-K handgun, the Kizuna Works KW-15K GBB Pistol... "The KW-15K is a compact version of the modern Russian pistol designed for the armed forces and law enforcement as a replacement for the Makarov pistol. The PL-15K by the Taiwanese company Kizuna Works is a faithful replica with the same manipulators and all details as the firearms. The slide is made of aluminum with a black finish. The frame is made of reinforced polymer, similar to the real pistol. It's equipped with an ambi magazine release and thumb safety. Under the barrel on the frame, there is an accessory rail for a tactical flashlight or a laser sight."

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