TAG Pecker MK-2 10pc Shot Set


Airsoft-RUS TAG Pecker MK-2 10pc Shot Set

Alexander talks about the TAG Pecker MK-2 10pc Shot Set that can be used with the TAGinn TAG-ML36 launcher for airsoft and milsim use... "A set of shots Pecker MK-2 10pcs from TAG, Russia. Underbarrel shot simulator, inert, for TAG-ML36 grenade launchers; TAG-015, as well as launchers (sleeves) TAG of all modifications, is used to hone the skill of shooting from your grenade launcher. Whether it's our caseless grenade launcher or third-party weapons with TAGinn pneumatic cartridge cases.

  • Product weight: 28 grams
  • Body material: polyurethane foam
  • Effective firing range: 110-160 meters
  • Since 2020, the manufacturer has been supplying these shots in two colors: white and orange, this does not affect the functionality.  

The product is certified."

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