TAGinn Mortar System Autumn Arrival At Airsoftjunkiez


The TAGInn “Dominus” M224-A1 Airsoft Mortar System is expected to be in stock at Airsoftjunkiez by Autumn of this year. This a realistic operating airsoft mortar system that is based on the US Army’s 60mm mortar, the M224-A1. However this is not a 60mm airsoft mortar but a 45mm for safety reasons.

Below is a video giving an overview of the system during the StrikeCon in Russia.

TAGinn Fate & Velum Rounds At Airsoftjunkiez


Airsoftjunkiez announce the availability of the new TAGinn Fate & Velum pyro rounds for use in airsoft games and they can now ship these to your location. As always, make sure your local game site allows for their use... "New Taginn Fate & Velum rounds are in. Stock up on all your Taginn rounds for your next Milsim event. All rounds can be shipped to you via Hazmat shipping."

TAGinn HPA Adapter Howto Video


Another howto video from TAGinn/Airsoft Pyrotechnics showing you how tom use their HPA Adapter... "HPA charger is an adaptor, which allows you to fill our HPA-compatible launching shells.You may use it with our 'Shell Multi-R, 'Shell-HPA', or any other HPA device with similar construction.

Airsoftjunkiez Can Now Ship TAGinn Projectiles


You can now order the TAGinn pyros from the Airsoftjunkiez online store and have them shipped safely to you rather than go to the store and pick them up. But first, check with your local game sites if they allow for their use before purchasing them... "We can now ship TAGinn projectiles!

TAGinn Shell-HPA Launching Device Howto


Here is a video manual from TAGinn/Airsoft Pyrotechnics showing how to use the Launcher – “Shell HPA”... "'Shell-HPA' is for high pressure air use ONLY. It must be filled from the regular 850PSI regulated HPA paintball tank, using the upper part of the 'FiSt-2'. This device will throw the projectiles as far as our shell-less grenade launcher TAG-ML36 upgraded with HPA extension kit.

TAGinn Shell-PRO EVO Howto Video


Users of the TAGinn Shell-PRO EVO need to watch this video so they can properly use it... "The 'Shell-PRO EVO' is for CO2 gas usage ONLY and there are few very important improvements. Compared to the previous model, this device became significantly shorter, which making its use much easier with grenade launchers like M203. The plastic barrel has been upgraded. Now it fits ANY grenade launcher’s barrel perfectly.

TAGinn Multi Range Shell Howto


Another TAGinn product howto video that you may want to watch before purchasing, and it is about the Multi Range Shell that can use CO2 or HPA. Check with you nearest retailer if they are stockists of TAGinn products if you want one of these... "So, you are an advanced TAGinn products user.

Upcoming TAGinn Products In 2020


TAGinn (Airsoft Pyrotechnics) are coming up with new products for 2020. We have already featured their Dominus Airsoft Morta System last week, now find out about new pyros for airsoft use in this video with Mark Butman... "Learn the changes of our products in early 2020."

Red Army: New TAGinn Mortar System


Well, mortar rounds for use in airsoft event will be coming your way this year. Red Army Airsoft reports about this, reports about this and this is a mortar system, not only just the rounds... "An unexpected announcement from TAGinn that you can only speculate on. Obviously, the mortar shot in the photo. Judging by the description, the declared range is from 70 to 300 meters.

To our questions, the manufacturer revealed only the following facts:

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