TAGinn TAG-67 & TAG-19 Coming Back To The USA


Milsimers and airsoft game sites that allow the use of pyro grenades can look forward to the TAG-67 and TAG-19 from TAGinn coming back to the USA as they meet ATF requirements... "GUESS WHO’S BACK?! The TAGinn Team did it again!

The most request grenades are coming back to the USA market!

TAGinn received our ATF SED for the TAG-67 and TAG-19.

Red Sonja With The TAGInn Launchable Pyros & Dummies


TAGinn dummy grenades and projectiles are preferred by milsimers and training groups. With a good number to choose from, Red Sonja lays them all out in this video. This includes the Reaper, Velum, Fate, Paladin, and Pecker 40mm projectiles and should be available at retailers and airsoft sites that allow for their use.

TAGinn M203 Launcher


Alexander of Red Army Airsoft shows us the M203 launcher from Tactical Game Innovations (TAGinn) which probably will be available at resellers in the U.S. and EU soon. This model is called TAG 203-MT and will be most compatible with TAGInn 40mm pyro or dummy projectiles.

TAGinn Velum Red Smokes At Airsoftjunkiez


Airsoftjunkiez does a quick video of the TAGinn Velum Red Smokes that can now be ordered from them. The new “Velum MK2” is an improved version that is faster, more accurate, and produces three times more smoke. It is compatible with all launching devices, including the TAG-ML36. With the ability to mark waypoints, deploy smokescreens, and blind opponents at distances of over 150 meters, the pack of 10 “Velums” can make your squad unbeatable.

Red Army Airsoft: The Evolution Of TAGinn Grenade Launchers


Alexander talks about the evolution of grenade launchers for milsim, airsoft, and training use made by TAGinN in this Red Army Airsoft review... "In this video, you will see how TAGinn has come from their first airsoft grenade launcher, based on a paintball marker, to the most modern series of Kick Charge grenade launchers."

TAGinn Kick Shell Launcher Prototype Test


Heavy Barrel RU got a prototype version of a launcher for the the Kick Shell from TAGinn to test... "Based on the grenade launcher for 12K gas shells, I present a prototype of an airsoft grenade launcher for a carbine (compatible with the RIS interface + there is a transition to m-lock). The ammunition used is the Kick shell launcher from TAG inn, grenades of the KS series.

Get a P-TOP License From TAGinn


PewDieRy Airsoft talks about the need to get the P-TOP License for those who want to use TAGinn products in the USA. As we have posted about before, the P-TOP or Professional TAGinn Operator is all about the proper and safe handling the TAGinn pyro projectiles and training grenades for use in airsoft, milsim and tactical training.

TAGinn Pyros Back In Stock At Airsoftjunkiez


The wait is over for thosee who have been wanting to use the TAGinn pyros and dummy projectiles for airsoft and milsim events as they are now back in stock at Airsoftjunkiez. But before one can purchase these, they should be a P-TOP or Professional TAGinn Operator which is a one time  online licensing test about proper handling of TAGinn products that they need to pass before purchasing... "Guess what’s back. TAGinn products!

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