TAGinn Reaper KC 2.0 Projectiles Review By Black Winter Airsoft


Black Winter Airsoft reviews the TAGinn Reaper launchable projectiles for airsoft and milsim use. These come in two versions, the 3.5 which has a 3.5-second delay, and the 2.5, which of course has a 5-second delay. These are compatible with the TAG-ML36 launcher and these should be used with eye protection and other precautions as required in your area as these are pyros.

TAGinn TAG FBG-6 At Strike Planet


The TAG FBG-6 sound grenade is available at Strike Planet and they give their take on this product made to look like a flash bang... "Pyrotechnics from the Russian company Tag Innovation firmly occupies a leading position in the Russian and international markets.

Strike Planet's TAGinn TAG-19 Review


Strike Planet reviews the TAG-19 pyro grenade that they have available. This is based on the Russian RGD5 frag grenade and this is mainly a pyro grenade with no projectiles blasted out when it ignites. This has a 3.5 seconds allowance for the thrower after the pin is pulled out.

Red Sonja With The New TAGinn Kick Shell


Red Sonja Airsoft goes over and does some test launches with latest release of TAGinn Kick Shell Grenade which does not use the traditional gas propellants in airsoft and uses a rifled barrel mechanism made from RAG company and the projectile is launched by the explosion of the pyro at the bottom of the greande.

TAGinn Reinforced Replacement Tube For "Shell/PRO/Multi-R" M203 Launcher Shells


Airsoftjunkiez announce that they have in stock the TAGinn Reinforced Replacement Tube for "Shell/PRO/Multi-R" M203 Launcher Shells... "New & Improved TAGINN Reinforced Replacement Tube for 'Shell/PRO/Multi-R' M203 Launcher Shells, These are factory replacement components that will you help keep your TAGinn launcher shells in working order. These replace the cracked or damaged TAGinn shells.

Airsoftjunkiez's TAGinn Dominus Mortar System Test


The most realistic mortar system for airsoft and milsim use, the soon to be released TAGinn Dominus Mortar System, got tested by Airsoftjunkiez during Op Serious Viking III hosted by Third Coast Airsoft at the Guardians Center. This is a scaled pneumatic replica of M224-A1 US Army’s 60mm mortar, but instead of lobbing a 60mm-style mortar round, it uses 45mm due to safety purposes. Since it is pneumatic, it uses HPA to propel the round to a distance of 300 meters.

Red Army Airsoft: TAGinn TAG-67 V2


Alexander gives his take on TAGinn TAG-67 V2 Pyro Grenade for airsoft and milsim use in this Red Army Airsoft review. Based on the M67 frag grenade, this new generation pyro grenade has a 3.5 second delay after releasing the lever, allowing for a safe margin for the user to throw it. It uses a new pyro-element that will not kindle or ignite dry leaves and grass when it explodes.

Airsoftjunkiez: TAGinn Mini FGB 6


A rather limited for professional use TAGinn mini FGB 6 training sound grenade is available at Airsoftjunkiez. For other TAGinn pyro and dummy grenades, you can check their online store to find out what's available... "TAGinn mini FGB 6. For Professional use only. To order, please call or email [email protected]"

TAGinn Camp Walkthrough Presentation


Apart from Pyros, Dummy Grenades, and Launchers for airsoft and milsim use, TAGinn are expanding to outdoor and emergency equipment. In this video, Mark gives us a tour of the TAGinn Camp, which can accommodate an airsoft team and have their equipment properly stored as well as make plans and operations from inside. It looks like an airsoft organiser's moveable HQ...

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